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Owen Hart’s 5 Greatest Moments

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Owen Hart may not be remembered as the greatest of all time, but to say that he didn’t have World Championship level potential would be foolish. There are some who argue that he became a little overrated after his tragic passing, but the fact of the matter is that it’s simply not true.

Owen Hart was in a class of his own, and you could even argue that he was a better athlete than his brother Bret Hart. While he may not have had the “it” factor that made Bret one of the biggest stars in WWE history, he very much was a world championship-caliber wrestler. Had WWE chosen to capitalize on him, there’s no doubt that he could have been a main event player.

However, circumstances and an untimely death prevented that from ever happening, and we’re left with memories of all that he’s given to the business.  A well-liked person backstage and a notorious ribber, Owen Hart had some great moments on-screen which he shared for the world to see. Here’s celebrating Owen Hart and his greatest moments.

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