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Reigning Supreme: Who Are The 5 Best WWE Teams Of The Decade?

The Usos
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The WWE Tag Team division is something that had been neglected for the longest time. Traditionally, it has always been a very significant division but always a step below the singles heavyweight division. Regardless, it felt as though it was there out of tradition, but tag teams and tag team matches have always been important – not just in WWE but in all of professional wrestling.

The 2000s in its early going saw the rise of quite a few great tag teams, primarily the three who led the TLC and Tag Team Revolution, but somewhere along the lines of the mid and late 2000s, WWE really put lesser emphasis on the tag team division as a whole. It was only in the latter part of decade where the rise of the tag team division really began and we started to witness a whole flurry of new tag teams.

Today, there even exists a Women’s Tag Team Championship and though that’s a division that has a very long way to go, it’s incredible to think of how far the division has come in the last 7 years or so. Here are the five best tag teams of the 2010s.

Sheamus Cesaro
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#5.) The Bar

The Bar is a tag team that existed for over two and a half years or so, but in that short time, they managed to establish themselves as one of WWE’s premier teams. Their story is a fantastic one that started in 2016, where a babyface Cesaro and a heel Sheamus went to blows in a “Best of 7” series that would guarantee the winner a future title opportunity.

They had an epic series with the culmination of it being a draw in the finals. As a result, then-General Manager Mick Foley paired them together and gave them the promised “title opportunity” – for the tag team championships. At first, they played the role of an “odd pair” team of a heel and babyface who couldn’t get along, but as the months went by, they became a cohesive unit and one of the best tag teams on the entire planet.

They would win the tag team championships a whopping 5 times before quietly separating in 2019 via the Superstar Shake-Up.

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