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Abyss On Which Impact Storyline He Wanted To See Continue, His Favorite Angles In His Career

Abyss On Which Impact Storyline He Wanted To See Continue, His Favorite Angles In His Career
Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling’s 2018 Hall Of Fame inductee Abyss was the guest on this week’s Impact Press Pass media call. “The Monster” fielded a number of calls from the call-in pool, and I had the chance to ask him the following question:

Abyss on which angle(s) he’d like to be remembered for, what one he wishes got more time on TV:


I’ll answer the last part of that question first because I have a clear-cut answer for that. The one that ended way too soon that had a lot of legs under it was Decay, no doubt about it. I thought Decay was incredible—Crazzy Steve and Rosemary—it was a great mix. Two young, great, unbelievably awesome talents, and the old, grizzled veteran in me coming into the mix with them. Again, it gave me a bit of longevity, at the same time I think it really launched those two. It launched Rosemary and it launched Steve. We did about a year and a half, and we still get requests. We just did Boardwalk Beatdown in Atlantic City, Steve and I were just on a show together; we still get a ton of requests together, and we were only together for about a year and a half.

The angle with The Hardys was amazing; the Hardy compound, the stuff we did with them [which included Delete Or Decay], I thought that was groundbreaking. Unfortunately, we broke the team up, and there were different reasons that that occurred, but I thought that Decay had a lot of legs under it and I think we could have gotten a lot more out of it than we did.

As far as favorite angles, I’ve got a ton of them. Everything with Sting; the Last Rites stuff, the build-up to that I thought was an incredible story. Everything with Sabu and AJ Styles—I could go on and on—I thought those were incredible programs.

The Monster’s Ball [match] I’m proud of, I could always say I’ve got a match named after me. That’s something that will carry on forever. I’m hoping there’s a Monster’s Ball match at Bound For Glory ten years from now when I’m watching it. I hope that legacy continues on to other people and other parts of this company. The Joseph Park stuff, I’ve said before, I love Joseph Park and Jeremy Borash versus Scott Steiner and Josh Mathews. I thought that thing was an impeccable—I don’t think we could’ve done it any better than we did it.

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