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D-Generation X And The Brothers Of Destruction Trade Barbs On RAW

D-Generation-X And The Brothers Of Destruction Trade Barbs On RAW
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Triple H and Shawn Michaels of D-Generation X appeared in the ring to respond to The Undertaker and Kane on Monday Night Raw. The duo acknowledged that their feud with The Brothers Of Destruction evoked a sense of nostalgia, though known that it meant that they have aged out. Triple H saw that as a sign of endearment as not only he felt that the ‘X’ of DX carried a symbol of the past but a torch to the future as the head of NXT. As they proceeded to give out their signature catchphrase, HHH and HBK were interrupted by The Brothers Of Destruction.

Shown on the titantron, The Undertaker and Kane vowed to leave DX a pair of broken bodies at Crown Jewel and make them wished they never stepped back into the ring:

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