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Matt Hardy On First Breaking In With WWE, The Future Of ‘House Hardy’ On WWE Network, Sean Waltman On Neville’s New Physique

Matt Hardy On First Breaking In With WWE, The Future Of ‘House Hardy’ On WWE Network, Sean Waltman On Neville’s New Physique
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Matt Hardy and Sam Roberts are the latest guests on this week’s episode of X-Pac 1,2,360; you can read a few highlights and watch the full show below. X-Pac 1,2,360 is also available on iTunes and Android devices.

Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Talks About Neville’s New Body

These days when you see somebody that is that shredded it’s not always steroids it’s not, that’s diet. Not that there couldn’t be some steroids involved in that but I am gonna take somebody’s word for it when they publicly say these types of things. I will take a person’s word for it…. So that’s diet. That’s mainly what he’s putting in his body and what he’s not putting in his body. And you don’t get that with steroids. That’s not what steroids do. I am glad to see him back on the scene and he looks amazing.

Matt Hardy Talks About Finally Feeling Accepted In WWE

I would probably say the very first time I felt that we were kind of accepted or like part of the machine. Was when we first got an opportunity to be with Michael Hayes and were repackaged and we won the tag titles. Even though obviously we weren’t the best representation of the best tag-team in the world but it was like the titles would help us at that juncture. Around that point and then working Bradshaw and Farooq. After being with them for a month and them kicking the hell out of us night in and night out and then kind of half-ass earning their respect. I felt that was kind of the turning point. And then once we had the tag-team ladder match with Edge and Christian and it was like; ‘wow these guys did something special.’ We definitely felt like we belonged and were part of the family of the WWE locker room at that point.

Matt Hardy Talks About Trying To Fit In At WWE When First Joining The Roster

We came from a very very different world, I think we based a lot of our morals and what not from our mother whose like this super Christian lady who didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, didn’t even curse and then she died really young she had cancer. And she died when we were 9 or 11 and then our dad raised us and he was never like a loving dad he was more of a provider. He’d get up at sunrise, work till sun down, he’d make sure we had clothes, we had food, a roof over our heads, but he would never say ‘I Love You’ he was never really affectionate or emotional so when we came in we kinda lived off those morals…And when we {The Hardy Boyz} came into WWE at that time and you know {direct to Sean} it was like a wild wild west era especially looking back at how it is nowadays. It was all new to us, we didn’t drink, we said very few curse words, we were pretty straight narrow guys at that time… We were just trying to hold on to who we are, and just trying to follow our dream at that point, we wanted to fit in, didn’t want to disrespect anyone but I felt like we also had these morals…

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Matt Hardy Shares His Thoughts on The Young Bucks

I love both those guys so much, I think they are both great . I think they are great performers and both great as human beings. They are very open and honest about how they loved The Rockers and then once Jeff and I came along they were also big fans of the Hardy Boyz, and for them it was a big thrill to work with us… To get a chance to work with them later on and to know that they’ve become as big as they have now is extremely flattering and humbling.

Matt Hardy on The Future of “House Hardy” on the WWE Network

You will definitely be seeing more episodes of House Hardy on the WWE Network, we’re gonna do some more, it’s going to be happening moving forward because the Halloween episode was such a success and they actually told me at the Network that they have never gotten that much positive feedback on one of their specials…I wanted to do something that was more character driven and can add longevity and add length to my career…