Figure Friday: WWE Collector’s Edition Elite 64 – Pete Dunne (Photos)

Today is Figure Friday and this week we take a look at the WWE Collector’s Edition Elite 64 Pete Dunne figure, his very first action figure in the Mattel line only available at Target!

The Packaging

Pete Dunne comes in the 2019-style packaging with the Collector’s Edition NXT band along the bottom of the box, signifying his uniqueness in the line. This is Pete’s very first figure and it’s only available as one per case with cases of WWE Elite 64 at Target in early 2019. Unfortunately he doesn’t come with the UK title, which most people complain about, but he does come with swappable open hands versus the fists he has straight out of the box.

Mattel addressed the UK title issue saying he was planned prior to him winning the title, but perhaps we will see him again in the future with the UK title should he still hold it then and with how long of a title run he’s had you never know.

The Head Scan

Pete’s scan looks excellent honestly. Mattel did a fantastic job capturing his signature snarl with his mouth guard showing underneath. Not to mention the detail in his hair as well as facial hair is great as well.

The Attire

The attire on Pete may be pretty simple, but Mattel knocked it out of the park. His vest is a thin rubber but they did a great job capturing the fur on it. Unfortunately it’s rubber but the detail on it is great and you can see the logo on the back as well. It’s a bit of a thick rubber, making it a little challenging to remove so just be patient with it. Thankfully it’s not as bad as the rubber coats Mattel releases time to time.

Once Pete is removed from the vest you can see the detail in his singlet. It says Bruiserweight on his right side and has his logo on his left, which is pretty cool. Not to mention he has black wrist tape on both of his wrists. Moving down to his right knee you can see the great amount of detail in his tattoo on his kneecap, which is really awesome Mattel was able to capture that considering his kneecap isn’t a large piece to print on. Then lastly he has the typical kickpad boots in maroon with the black part of his boot showing underneath.

The Accessories & Articulation

The only real accessories with Pete are his swappable hands and his vest. A UK title would’ve been great as mentioned earlier but unfortunately he doesn’t come with one. His articulation is the typical Elite style where you can pose him well, recreating his signature taunt with his fist on his cheek as well as posing him in all his intense maneuvers. His vest doesn’t really limit any posing, which is great. Just be patient removing it as mentioned before.


I really love this figure. I was very excited to get it and was quite nervous he would be difficult to find considering he is one per case at Target with Elite 64. Thankfully Mattel provided me with one to review for all of you as I’m part of their WWE Elite Squad influencer program, so I was beyond excited to get him. My only complaint really is that his hands do seem a bit large to me. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s a smaller figure so the hands look a little large or what, but regardless he looks great overall.

I highly recommend this figure if you’re a fan of his as there’s no word right now on how easy or hard he will be to find. You just have to hope your Targets are good about ordering the latest lineups otherwise you may have a difficult time finding him. Mattel hasn’t mentioned anything about releasing him again but perhaps that can change as they could always release him in his darker attire he also wears now and then. He should be hitting shelves very soon so keep an eye out at Target. If you don’t want to wait for for Elite 64 figures (minus Pete) you can order everyone at and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

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