Mattel Announces WWE No Holds Barred San Diego Comic Con Exclusive (Photos)

During Mattel’s 12 Days of Fandom, Mattel revealed their new WWE No Holds Barred San Diego Comic Con exclusive 2-pack!

No Holds Barred 2-Pack

The 2-pack features:

  • Ultimate Edition Rip Thomas (Hulk Hogan) action figure with
    • Tear away “Rip ‘Em” shirt, white strapped Winged Eagle Championship title, swappable hands including new “Rip ‘Em” gesture hands, and swappable alternate heads including the “What’s that smell?!?!” head sculpt.
  • Ultimate Edition Zeus action figure with
    • Signature entrance gear, headband, belt, swappable hands and an alternate swappable head
  • Signature VHS-style packaging

The set goes on sale at San Diego Comic Con on 7/20 and at 9am/PST on 7/22. The set will cost $70 and will be limited to 2 per person.

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