Jake Roberts
(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Jerry Grey Accuses Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Of Screwing Him Out Of Money And No-Showing Events In The ’90s

‘Golden Boy’ Jerry Grey recently took to Facebook to reveal how Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts used to screw him over on multiple occasions. According to Grey, this occurred from 1997-2001 when Grey was booking around 4 shows per week. He claims that Jake would call him and say he was in jail for failed child support payments but the real reason would sometimes be because of crack. Jake w0uld say he could not appear unless he was given $500 and would then arrive at the show and ask to not have that $500 taken out of his payment until the next show. He would then say the exact same thing at the next show.

Jerry said that these shows were held at county fairs and casinos so Jake would be booked to come out on top over Honky Tonk Man. Jerry said the venues would deduct a high amount of money if Jake Roberts did not show up for the show and Jake knew this and took advantage of it. Jake eventually started to no-show and would make up additional lies to get Jerry to wire over more money.

Jerry said he never asked for anything back until his savings account was depleted and he lost his house a few years ago when he was diagnosed with cancer. He claims he reached out to Jake and he ignored every email and call. Jerry said he did not even receive well wishes or kind words and to this day has not heard from Jake Roberts. What do you guys think of the accusations and recent revelations by Grey? Let us know in the comments section below.