Figure Friday: WWE Wrekkin’ Slam Mobile with Braun Strowman (Photos)

It’s Figure Friday and this week we take a look at the new, possible Target exclusive, WWE Wrekkin’ Slam Mobile with Braun Strowman playset from Mattel!

This set has only been found at Target stores so far and retails for $30. It’s a pretty random toy, but it is actually pretty cool, too. Let’s take a look!

The Packaging

This playset features some really nice, clean looking packaging. The all-white look of it gives it a very modern, slick presentation, making it stand out on the shelves. The box is pretty big honestly as this is a six-inch scale car for all your WWE action figures, both Basic and Elite. You can see Braun on the right as it almost looks like he’s being “hit” but it’s probably to show him smashing the hood. Regardless, this is a very unique item in the Mattel WWE line and many collectors, including myself, were very excited to have a car for backstage scenes, especially one you can destroy. The back of the box shows all the fun you can have it with your WWE action figures as well as the fact you can store accessories in the trunk!

Braun Strowman

The Braun figure is your typical Basic figure. He lacks the bicep joint, which has since moved to the elbow for those unaware. He’s lacking some tattoos as Basics usually leave out details to meet their budgets. He lacks ankle joints as well, making him a little bit of a pain to stand but other than that it’s an okay figure. It’s similar to his other Basics, although this one has his yelling head scan as well as says “Get These Hands” on his shirt. Usually Braun wears a sleeveless shirt with a logo on it than his tank top type shirt he wrestles in, so that is an odd design choice but probably the easiest option for Mattel’s budget with this set.

The Car

So this is what everyone is really buying this for, the awesome car, more so than an exclusive Strowman. I am a Strowman fan so I’m happy to have another figure of him, but I really bought it for the car as well.

The car is really cool. It’s very nicely detailed and has a simple paint job as well. They didn’t go all out painting it, for example the controls in the car are solid black than painted silver or something different to make it stand out; however, this car is super destructive. You can do the following:

  • Smash the hood and remove it completely
  • Remove the front bumper
  • Remove both doors
  • Remove the seats
  • Remove the steering wheel
  • Remove/break in half the windshield
  • Pop/remove the trunk door completely

The front of the car features a WWE logo decal both on the grill as well as the hood, plus headlights. My favorite part of the car is on the back where the license plate says “Country Strong THZHNDS” as it’s just a clever nod to Strowman.

Strowman can fit in the car with no issue as can any Elite figure for the most part. I didn’t try any of the overweight figures like a Yokozuna but he may be able to fit in there to some degree as well. The playability is endless, which is great for kids or anyone who likes to display/photograph, etc. their figures.


The car is cool. As mentioned before it’s a unique item in the WWE line. I believe it was originally meant to come with Lesnar, which would’ve made sense from when he destroyed the sports car on RAW, but it fits with Braun, too, such as when he went crazy backstage. I wish the tires popped off, too, to really flatten and destroy the car but it’s still a really awesome piece. Maybe one day we can get an ambulance for ambulance matches! One can dream, right? Any diehard wrestling collector should enjoy this item though as it’s different in their collection. You can get it currently at Target stores as it’s just starting to show up for their 2019 aisle reset.

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