Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Elias Take Out Jeff Jarrett & Road Dogg After Musical Performance

Elias Jeff Jarrett Road Dogg
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Things between Elias and Jeff Jarrett continue to take a rough turn as the WWE Hall of Famer’s reunion with The Road Dogg was spoiled by “The Drifter.”

Elias would appear on Monday Night RAW, disgusted at the crowd for not giving him the response he thinks he deserves. In what looks to be another heel turn for Elias, hr would further insult the crowd and refused to perform any more songs for the audience. Jarrett would make an appearance, angry at Elias for his actions at the Royal Rumble. While Jarrett was looking to exact revenge on Elias, he was greeted by the presence of an old friend in “The Road Dogg” Jesse James. Jarrett and Road Dogg would proceed to sing their rendition of “Can You Be My Baby Tonight?” to the delight of Renee Young. That would quickly be ruined by Elias attack both Road Dogg and Jarrett with guitar shots.