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WWE RetroFest Mr. Perfect, Walmart WWE Loyal Subjects Lineup, WWE Funko POP DVDs, NXT Elites (Photos)

Several new WWE items in the toy world surfaced over the weekend and collectors are very excited!

WWE RetroFest Mr. Perfect

WWE revealed images of the upcoming GameStop Exclusive WWE RetroFest Mr. Perfect figure coming this summer along with a new Ric Flair. Mr. Perfect features a new head scan as well as a thicker body that collectors have been asking for. You should be able to pre-order him at GameStop eventually even though they still don’t have pre-orders for Hacksaw and Flair available yet.

Walmart WWE Loyal Subjects Lineup

An image of the Walmart exclusive version of the WWE Loyal Subjects figures surfaced. Ultimate Warrior is the new face in this version of the set, with two versions of him as well. One features his hair slicked back while the other has his hair down. You can see them in the gallery below. Here’s the case breakdown:

  • AJ Styles (red/white/blue) – 2/12
  • Ultimate Warrior (w/ IC title) – 2/12
  • Undertaker (cross emblem) – 2/12
  • John Cena (orange) – 2/12
  • Brock Lesnar (red) – 2/12
  • Roman Reigns (red) – 2/12
  • Sting (Wolfpac) – 1/96
  • Ultimate Warrior (slick hair) – 1/48
  • Referee (blue) – only 28 total exist
  • Wrestlemania Ring (build-a-ring) – 1/24
  • Ultimate Warrior (gold) – only 2 total exist

These haven’t been found in stores quite yet but are most likely on the way seeing the regular series has hit places like


Walmart website listings surfaced showcasing new WWE Funko Pocket POP bundles with older WWE DVDs. Funko has been releasing new keychain sized POPs to go with popular movies, etc. WWE is the latest to get this treatment and you can currently find them in stores a well as on the Walmart website. Such POPs include and can be seen in the gallery:

  • John Cena
  • The Rock
  • Undertaker
  • Sting
  • Macho Man
  • Ultimate Warrior

WWE NXT Elites

The newest set of NXT Elite figures at Target have finally started hitting shelves. They’ve surfaced out west in California and Arizona so far for anyone interested. Happy hunting as us collectors like to say!

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