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New Mattel WWE Prototype Images Revealed, New WWE Funko POPs (Photos)

Mattel and WWE recently revealed new prototype images of upcoming Mattel WWE action figures and more. Such includes:

  • WWE Elite 85 Collector’s Edition Kama (Target Exclusive)
  • WWE Elite 86 Triple H (plus Chase)
  • Wrekkin’ Slam Mobile with The Rock
  • Ringside Exclusive Elite Ultimate Warrior
  • WWE Elite 83
  • WWE Series 117

You can currently pre-order WWE Elite 83 and WWE Series 117 over on and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

Elite 83 & Series 117

As mentioned you can currently pre-order Elite 83 and Series 117. Both are expected any day now over on Ringside if you’d like to get them early. They will hit store shelves sometime 2021 if you prefer to wait.

Ringside Exclusive Ultimate Warrior

The Ringside Exclusive Warrior will more than likely go up for pre-order sooner than later seeing how far along in the production process he is already with official prototype images.

WWE Elite 85 Collector’s Edition Kama & Elite 86 Triple H

Kama is going to be the Collector’s Edition for Elite 85. Ringside hasn’t put 85 up for order yet but keep an eye out for Kama as they may list him like they have other Collector’s Edition figures, but nothing is confirmed at this time.

Triple H will be available over on Ringside once the full set goes up for pre-order in 2021.

WWE Wrekkin’ Slam Mobile

This is a repaint of the one one that came with Braun Strowman not long ago, but features a figure of The Rock instead. There is no word on where and when this is releasing but it will more than likely be soon.

While some of this information is vague we will be sure to share more details as they arise.

New WWE Funko POPs

Funko also recently revealed new store exclusive WWE Funko POPs, including:

  • Diamond Ric Flair + Pin (GameStop)
  • Macho Man Randy Savage (Walmart)
  • Undertaker (Amazon)

You can currently pre-order both on their designated retailer websites.

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