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Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs On Ribbing A Sleeping Haku In Front Of Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit

One half of The Nasty Boys, Brian Knobbs, was a recent guest on The Hannibal TV. Knobs talked about an incident in which he and partner Jerry Saggs ribbed Haku (Meng) and his partner The Barbarian, while two passed out after imbibing in too much alcohol.

According to Knobbs, “We got him all wound up, him and Barbarian out in Japan, and we got drunk, and Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit were with us. They were really young kids.”

That’s when Haku and Barbarian made the terrible mistake of falling asleep in the presence of The Nasty Boys, “Barbarian fell asleep at the Korean barbecue with his hand on the grill. His hand was actually burning. We had to pick his hand up off the grill and Haku was just sleeping, so I went over and started pulling his nose up like this [Knobs grabs his nostrils] and smacking him in the face. Then we were smacking Barbarian, but they were out cold. We knew they weren’t getting up.”

The two men were sound asleep and not getting up anytime soon. That didn’t stop Guerrero and Benoit from being concerned over what might happen, if they did ever arise from their slumber. Knobbs continues, “Eddie Guerrero and Benoit realized that they could wake up any second. Their eyes were like this [Knobs opens his eyes wide]. ‘I can’t believe they’re doing this to Barbarian and Haku.’ We told them, ‘Don’t ever tell them that we did this to them and they never did, but [it was] funnier than hell.”

The two men did finally wake up, “Luckily, no incidents happened. We all ate a lot, so it was all a good time.”

Knobbs acknowledges that, “Haku is one of the toughest son of a b*tches, you’ll ever meet.” In his post-wrestling life, Haku is now the general manager of a car dealership and Knobbs chides, “If you don’t buy a car, he will kill you.”

(Transcription Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone) 

Readers can watch the full Brian Knobbs clip below:

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