NOVI, MI - MAY 17: Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags (R), who wrestled as the Nasty Boys, attend day 2 of the 25th annual Motor City Comic Con at Suburban Collection Showplace on May 17, 2014 in Novi, Michigan. (Photo by Paul Warner/Getty Images)

The Nasty Boys Discuss Toughest Opponents, Brian Knobbs Health Issues

Professional wrestling tag team legends, The Nasty Boys, were recently interviewed on “The Apter Chat” to talk about several professional wrestling topics. The pair discussed their toughest opponents of all time, and Brian Knobbs touched on his recent health issues.

Here are the highlights:

Brian Knobbs on his health issues:

Thing on my foot cut, it got infected, then the infection went up from my leg to my – a new knee replacement. And then I had to get a whole new knee replacement, and kill the infection, so, I was in the hospital for two weeks and then rehab for another four weeks. Altogether six weeks, I just got out, doing better, but I got to keep a track on everything because the infection, you know, it spreads, you got to watch yourself, I don’t want to lose my leg or anything. Diabetes is a very serious thing and anybody out there, I’d say don’t mess around, get checked, I got a diabetic two and right now I got everything kind of normal again, under control, but it was a scary situation.

Jerry Sags on their toughest opponents:

Well, I mean, we worked with all the – we were lucky enough to work with all the greatest tag teams. The breakthrough match for us, we were really young, was, Ole Anderson putting us against The Steiner Brothers. At that time, it was still the old school working. Here you have two guys, that are amateur wrestlers, old dudes who didn’t want to get suplexed across the other side of the ring. But we let it rip with them, we can work with anybody.

That match was a breakthrough match because at Halloween Havoc we stole the show. It was an incredible match that nobody has ever seen something like on a PPV or TV till that time. It was like what we did at those first street fights with Mick Foley in Chicago. And then the Philidelphia street fight. That was never seen before until we did it. That type of match on a PPV or live television situation.

So, The Steiner Brothers is what put us to the next level, and then, of course, we got to the big highest level, which is WWE or WWF at the time. The Hart Foundation, rest of ‘887, that’s or pinnacle of those two putting us to a different level.

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