Shane Douglas Talks Pedro Morales And The WWE: ‘All Of A Sudden He Was Persona Non Grata’

Shane Douglas spoke on a recent episode of his podcast The Triple Threat With The Franchise Shane Douglas about his feelings on WWE’s handling of the passing of Pedro Morales

The Franchise brings up that a host of the company’s biggest stars from the ’70s, such as Morales, Dominic Denucci and Ivan Koloff, have been ignored or otherwise snubbed by the WWE.

“To see how many of those guys have been overlooked, ignored, denied and God only knows what the reasoning would be,” said Douglas. “Maybe you stole my parking spot 40 years ago and now I’m going to hold it against you? That really is the only thing I can put on it.”

Douglas muses that perhaps Vince McMahon Jnr. has an issue with that generation for some reason that he hasn’t told anyone about. He stated that while Morales was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, he was never given a big send off appearance, and Vince didn’t mention him at the funeral of Bruno Sammartino, with whom Pedro worked.

“It is just one of those things that with Pedro, yeah they inducted him into the Hall of Fame and he was announcing but all of a sudden he was persona-non-grata there and I’m a curious person by nature and I want to know why?” says Douglas. “Vince doesn’t seem to be shy on camera and he seems to like to hear himself talking so if that is the case than please come out and tell all of us, the ones who grew up and watched all of these guys.”

You can listen to the full segment below:

Transcription courtesy of the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast.

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