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Mattel WWE Series 94 In-Depth Review (Photos)

Hey all, I recently picked up Mattel WWE Series 94 from (SAVE 10% with discount code MBG) and wanted to share this latest set with you!

WWE Series 94:

The lineup includes:

  • Matt Hardy (with Chase)
  • Big E
  • Xavier Woods
  • Kofi Kingston
  • Randy Orton

Matt Hardy:

Matt comes in the typical Basic style packaging and actually has a Chase version as well, which has a “Mower of Lawns” shirt instead. I didn’t get my hands on that one but you can see images of it below. This version is randomly packed with cases of Series 94. He has a nicer painted, “Broken,” head scan than his previous Elite had, which would make people who like to head swap go after this figure alone just for that as it has the newer True FX printing technology. His painted shirt may be a turn off to some as it’s not my favorite thing when it comes to Basic style figures, but it’s a nice stand-in figure if you ever want him dressed in promo or street attire. Besides that you can see the detail in his pants and shirt logos as well as wrist tape.

The New Day:

The nice thing about The New Day in this series is that they all have matching attire, so you can display them together with no issue. They all have their red, white, yellow and green attire, which really makes the figures pop. They look great; however, Kofi is lacking a lot of detail in his attire, more than likely due to budget reasons. He’s missing logos on his boots and more, but he at least is sporting a new head scan with a hairdo that resembles the Black Panther Killmonger character. Other than that both Big E and Xavier are sporting their same scans they’ve had on recent figures. Xavier is missing his vest and trombone unfortunately, but it is a Basic after all. He does have his pointy boots though, which is cool. If you like to have New Day in matching attire I recommend picking them up, just realize Kofi lacks a lot of designs on him if you’re super anal about that stuff. The others may be lacking designs, too, that I may not even realize.

Randy Orton:

Randy is probably my favorite figure in the set. All of his figures look pretty similar of course as his look really doesn’t change a whole lot, but he is sporting a new head scan that I think looks great. It will also be on his upcoming WWE Elite 67 figure. The detail in his tattoos is really nice and of course he has the logos on his trunks. Besides that his figure doesn’t look too much different than all his others, but if you want a longer haired Orton I recommend this one.


The set is pretty good if you like the wrestlers in the lineup. It’s not the most exciting lineup as there’s no new faces in it really although it’s an updated Orton in awhile. The Basic lack ankle articulation, making them a little more challenging to pose sometimes even their feet are flat so they should stand up with no issue, it’s just if you want to pose them any other way you’re restricted. Other than those few things they’re some nice updated Basics and at least you can get Matt Hardy in some of his newer t-shirts as of late.

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