Figure Friday: WWE RetroFest Elite Ric Flair (Photos)

It’s Figure Friday again and this week we take a look at none other than the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair! He is the latest Mattel WWE RetroFest Elite action figure, which is normally a GameStop Exclusive, but I got mine from Megalopolis Toys! If you missed out on him on Megalopolis, they do sell very fast, you can get him at GameStop as he’s just starting to show up there.

The Packaging

The RetroFest packaging is some of my personal favorite from Mattel as it is just so cool. It looks just like an arcade game, AKA the original RetroFest video game, and it’s awesome! It is a bit of a pain to open neatly if you are trying to salvage the box, as I like to do since it’s awesome, so just be careful cutting the tape in multiple parts on it. You can see Flair in the “screen” of the game with images of him on the sides as well as some attributes on the back.

The Head Scan

This looks to be the same scan as his Defining Moments figure that came out awhile back in the black robe. It’s a younger Flair, not a super young version like some of his other Elites, but it’s still a throwback of course. The likeness is pretty good I’d say and his hair is wavy like he had way back when.

The Attire

Flair comes with a beautiful cloth red robe with great details all over it. It of course says “Ric Flair” on the back. It is tied very neatly and tightly around him, which may make you not want to remove it from him as it looks so nice for display. If this is the case for you, much like me, I actually pull the robe off his shoulders and scoot it around his waist so it doesn’t get untied. You can see how I do this in my video review below if interested.

Under the robe he has his basic red attire with red trunks, kneepads and boots. You can see the “RF” logo on his trunks. His kneepads are two-toned, with a more pink looking red as the back half color of the pads. They’re open in the back making them non-restrictive for posing purposes.  And lastly his red boots with the “RF” logos on the sides as well as the white laces and trim.


It’s a nice Ric Flair if you passed on his previous ones. The red robe and attire is really nice. His robes really make his figures 100x better honestly as you can’t have a Ric Flair without one! For future RetroFest figures be sure to keep an eye on Megalopolis Toys as there is an upcoming Iron Sheik and Mr. Perfect coming soon. Megalopolis gets them before GameStop and they sell out fast so don’t hesitate! Otherwise if you’re looking to pickup this Flair start checking your GameStop stores or their website.

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