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Colonel Robert Parker Talks WCW Marriage To Sherri Martel, Her Showing Up Drunk

Colonel Robert Parker was interviewed by The Hannibal TV and discussed his famous WCW angle with Sensational Sherri. Not only did he talk about their real-life friendship, but he revealed that she legitimately showed up drunk to the shooting.

Check out highlights below:

Transcription by WrestleZone.com Senior Editor Tyler Treese.

Their real life relationship:

What a girl. We never dated. We weren’t lovers or spent any time romantically. She might have preferred it would have been that way. We lived at the same apartment complex. We were close. She’d come visit me at my place and I’d grab the Crown Royal Whisky and put it away. She’d get that glass and pour it. I was on the seventh floor and she’d go out and sit outside on the bannister. I’d say, “Sherri, don’t sit up there, honey.” She’d go, “Leave me alone.” You can’t do nothing with her. She’s her own girl.

On Sherri showing up drunk:

We’re waiting on her. She shows up and she’s three shits in the wind. Just gone. The production people go, “We can’t do it.” I tell them that it’s better and that I’ll do the talking. It’s better because she’s crying about everything and drunk. Who goes to their wedding drunk? Sherri, that’s who. So, you do not not shoot this. That’s why it turned out so wonderful. It was as close as real as you could get. She was one heck of a girl and I miss her bad.

Check out the full video below:

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