Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Wrestling Results (4/12/19)

Impact Wrestling Results

April 12, 2019

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Moose vs Wentz w/The Rascalz

Moose gets the win after a Spear. Moose is 2-0 against members of the Rascalz.

Winner- Moose

RVD is announced as joining Impact Wrestling.

Backstage, Madison Rayne is giving an interview. Tessa Blanchard interrupts. Rayne challenges Blanchard to a match.

Rosemary vs Su Yung

Rosemary attacks Yung as soon as the bell rings. Rosemary boots Yung off the apron. The Undead Bridesmaids catch Yung. Rosemary puts Yung in the upside down. Rosemary misses a corner spear. Yung puts Rosemary in a single leg crab from the second rope. Yung starts working over Rosemary’s previously injured knee. Yung puts on her blood-stained glove. Rosemary surprises Yung with a reverse DDT. Rosemary gets a near fall after a running knee. Rosemary lands a German suplex but Yung pops back up to her feet. Rosemary spears Yung. The Undead Bridesmaid’s get on the apron. Kiera Hogan runs to ringside to help. Rosemary tells Hogan to leave. The Undead Bridesmaids attack Hogan and Rosemary causing a disqualification.

Winner- Rosemary

Yung puts Rosemary in the mandible claw. The Undead Bridesmaids hold Hogan as Yung hits the Panic Switch. Yung drops Hogan with the Panic Switch as well.

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