Figure Friday: Eaglemoss Hero Collector WWE Championship Collection – AJ Styles (Photos)

On this week’s Figure Friday we take a look at the new Eaglemoss Hero Collector WWE Championship Collection AJ Styles polyresin statue. This is part of a new subscription based WWE magazine and mini-statue line featuring the WWE superstars of yesterday, today and forever. Each statue is 1:16 scale, which is around 4.5 – 6 inches tall. Here’s a little more about the service and how it works:

  • Each 16-page magazine features a history of the Superstar and chronicles their championship reign, greatest matches and top rivalries – and is accompanied by an expertly sculpted and painted polyresin statue produced at 1:16 scale (approximately 4-1/2 to 5 inches tall) in an iconic pose on a line-look base.
  • Subscribers to the collection at can get their first magazine and statue combination — AJ Styles — risk-free and at the introductory price of only $7.99 with Free Shipping.
  • Thereafter, two new magazine and statue combinations will be delivered each month for only $15.95 plus $2.55 shipping each.
  • Subscribers are also eligible for special offers, including a Free Gift of a WWE Display Ring.
  • Fans can also go online to the Eaglemoss Shop to purchase magazine and statue sets individually at standard prices.
  • The Official WWE Championship Collection showcases the greatest superstars in the history of the WWE and features champions from every era, including: The Rock, John Cena, The Undertaker, AJ Styles, Charlotte Flair, Bret Hart, Triple H, Finn Bálor and many more.

The Packaging

The packaging on these is pretty nice. It’s bulky enough in that the statue inside is heavily protected with a plastic encasing. The 16-page magazine is taped to the back on the outside as well. I would’ve preferred it be inside the box so it doesn’t risk getting damaged if you keep it taped to it but it still fits flush to the box so it looks decent. The front of the box showcases some of the others coming up in the subscription while the sides highlight aspects of AJ and the back has a large image of him underneath the magazine.

The Statue

Once you remove AJ from the packaging you’ll notice the incredible amount of detail on it, especially for its scale. These are a lot like the Jakks WWE Unmatched Fury statue figures from many years ago; however, these are made out of polyresin so it’s a bit more fragile. AJ is in his signature pose and the overall detail is really nice. They literally didn’t ignore a single thing from what I can tell as he’s detailed from the text on his gloves to buttons on his vest to his abdomen tattoo to the logos on his boots and more. The likeness isn’t bad, you also have to realize how challenging it is at this scale, but it still looks pretty good I’d say. Lastly, the bottom has a nice sticker letting you know whom the statue is of if for some reason you didn’t know as well as felt to help keep the statue from sliding.

The Magazine

The magazine included is 16-pages long with great graphic design inside. It features a lot of information on AJ, such as statistics, his opponents, signature moves and much more. It’s a great read for any age fan or collector whom enjoys “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles.


I’m excited for this line as you can see many of the upcoming ones on their website. They look pretty cool and I’ve personally always been a fan of smaller figures. The detail for the scale they’re at is honestly very impressive and they’re great for anyone whom enjoyed the Jakks Unmatched Fury line as this is a new re-imagination of it. Not to mention they have a cool ring to display them in coming soon as well. If you’d like to see the statue up close besides in the gallery be sure to check out my video review.