Kickstarter Launches For New Wrestling Action Figure Ringside Chaos Toy Line Paying Homage to Jakks WWE Toy Line (Photos)

Recently we shared that there was an upcoming Kickstarter in the works for a new wrestling action figure toy line, Ringside Chaos. This line is paying homage to the old Jakks WWE Ringside Collection series that showcased non-wrestling talent.

Today that Kickstarter officially kicked off and here’s all the details!

Ringside Chaos

Ringside Chaos is the newest collection of wrestling figures designed by Squared Circle Toys. This amazing line features multiple supporting personnel whom help shape the world of professional wrestling. All figures will stand at 6.5″(a 1:12 scale) and will feature 30 points of articulation, multiple accessories, and swappable heads and hands. The initial goal will consist of 4 figures which include the modern Referee, retro Referee, Event Staff and Security Guard. There will be more amazing figure offerings available as long as the stretch goals are unlocked.

Figure Choices

So far the main tier are for these four figures listed, with many stretch goals as well.

  • Modern Referee
  • Security Guard
  • Retro Referee
  • Event Staff

With the following Stretch Goals:

  • Police Detective ($107,000 backed)
  • Medic ($120,000 backed)
  • Timekeeper ($130,000 backed)
  • Lucha Referee ($140,000 backed)
  • Retro Camera Operator ($150,000 backed)

Figure Information

These figures are very similar to Jazwares’ AEW line, Mattel’s WWE Elite line, Boss Fight Studio’s Lucha line and more, making them very compatible with existing figures we are all used to. The figures average around $30 a figure if you back it via Kickstarter. If the line gets fully funded and you haven’t taken part in the campaign, you will pay a little bit higher on their website later on. This campaign works very similarly to the Mattel Campaign that recently ended.

These figures are designed to last, by veteran sculptors who have worked for Super7, Jazwares and Four Horsemen. Product will be manufactured in the same factory used by Boss Fight Studios, Marauders Gun-Runners, Dime Novel Legends, Animal Warriors of the Kingdom and Action Force among others!

There are a handful of tiers you can fund, depending on which one(s) you want to buy, and even the option to get your own head sculpted on a figure!

The campaign runs through part of December and Kickstarter does not charge you unless the project is fully funded.

For full details on the campaign, images of the figures and purchase options be sure to visit here.

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