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Scott Norton Talks WCW’s Tour of North Korea in 1994

Scott Norton recently appeared on Prime Time with Sean Mooney, and one of the points of conversation was WCW’s Collision in Korea joint event with NJPW. The wrestler spoke about traveling to the country with everyone on the WCW roster “except for the Korean guys.” Scott stated that several members of the WCW roster were afraid to go to North Korea lest they lose their lives.

Before the arrived, the trip was already different from other events, going down to the plane they flew in on. “To say the thing was held together by duct tape… the damn thing was a relic.” Scott continued that the North Korean government wouldn’t let the WCW wrestlers call home. Scott Norton had just recently been married, so that restriction was particularly troubling. After three days of struggling with their phone systems, Scott was able to figure something out and reassure his angered wife that he wasn’t out partying in North Korea and ignoring his new bride.

You can hear the full clip from the podcast, which includes Norton recounting getting arrest for his illicit phone call, embedded below.

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