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Rip Rogers Details Randy Savage Knife Story: ‘It Sort of Ruined Our Meal’

Former WWE Trainer and WCW competitor Rip Rogers recently sat down with Hannibal TV to discuss Randy Savage’s infamous knife incident. For those unfamiliar, let Rip tell it one more time.

OK, so I’m just sitting there and we just worked Nashville that night. Me and Randy went to get some steak and eggs. This guy comes in… the thing probably took 90 seconds, but they have a two-hour story with her… guy comes in, he says “Hey, I’m getting married, you ought to congratulate me.” Randy had to say “Who gives a fuck.” Holy shit, it’s where the guys worked, I guess maybe the wife was a waitress, I have no idea. To make a long story short, it sort of ruined our meal and then Randy said: “Give me a knife!” So I threw him one and he said “Not a butter knife!”

Rip states after the fact that the cops arrested him, but that Randy wouldn’t back down. Once the police canine got involved and bit him, he was willing to “do the job.” The night ended with Randy handcuffed to a pole in jail, injured and coming down from his self-inflicted high.

When asked if he was scared during the ordeal, Rip just laughed. “When you get caught up in the wrestling business, you’re looking at stuff that’s real as a work, as a rib. When I was having a box in a boxing match, I’m throwing working punches because it’s all a rib to me and the guy is trying to kill me, you know what I mean? It’s just hard to go back and forth.”

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