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Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Series 97 (Photos)

If you love the SummerSlam PPV then this series will excite you for sure! Mattel WWE Series 97 showcases several superstars, including a few legends with SummerSlam attires from the past. The set includes:

  • Jeff Hardy
  • AJ Styles
  • Bret Hart (1991)
  • Razor Ramon (1994)
  • The Miz

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The Packaging

The packaging on these is interesting considering it’s a themed set, something Mattel hasn’t done as part of the main Basic line. Usually they have spinoff sets but Elite 68 and Series 97 are main line sets that are themed, which is something fresh for the line as a whole. The card is orange with the SummerSlam logo on it with of course a photo of the wrestler in the set on the front. The back showcases everyone in the set, including what years the flashback figures are based on.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff features an all-black attire with some pretty detailed face paint. He has purple, white and black face paint as well as his spacer plugs in his ears, which makes for a very cool head scan. His face painted figures are always fun and I’m glad Mattel is capitalizing on it. Other than that he has his tattoos on his right hand as well as a white belt around his waist.

Overall this figure is cool for anyone who enjoys collecting Jeff’s figures, which typically sell very well. The attire isn’t the most exciting of his but at least he has some cool face paint.

AJ Styles

AJ features his black and purple attire. I personally really like the purple attire, especially the style logos on it, but I wish this figure had his newer head scan as it’s one of his older ones. He also features the tattoo on his abdomen besides all of his P1 style logos. Surprisingly he doesn’t have the logo on his elbow pad like usual but perhaps he didn’t have that on this attire of his. He also doesn’t have the logos on his gloves but his Basic style figures typically don’t.

Overall, it’s a nice updated AJ although I wish it had his newer scan. Love the purple though as it’s just unique to all his other attires as of late. It would make for a cool Elite in my opinion, but this is great for any diehard AJ fan.

Bret Hart

Bret is a pretty cool flashback figure in the set based on his 1991 attire. He has a lot of detail on his attire for a Basic style one and I think it could be a newer scan or just an older one they haven’t used in awhile? Don’t quote me on that but it looks a little different to me and I’m not sure why. Regardless, he has signature attire with the hearts on his leg to the Hit Man logo on his rear and of course signature logo on his abdomen.

Overall, it’s a great Bret Hart Basic figure. For a Basic it has a nice amount of detail and is great for any fan who loves collecting legends and flashbacks like myself. He’s probably my favorite of the set honestly.

Razor Ramon

Razor is also a neat flashback figure in this set and his attire is based on his 1994 match. He features the same Razor scan they’ve used for all of his Razor figures I believe. The detail in his beard is pretty nice, he’s just missing a toothpick of course. The razor designs on his trunks, elbow pad and knee pads look great as well. His knee pads restrict his knee movement a little bit so just be patient trying to pose his legs. The most interesting thing about this figure though is that they used old boots with ankle articulation, which is very strange. All the others in the set lack this joint but he seems to have it, which makes his figure much better already. Not sure why Mattel did that, but it’s interesting.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Razor or Scott Hall you should pick this one up. It’s a nice alternate attire for Razor and the fact it has ankle articulation is such a bonus in itself. Don’t pass up on this one.

The Miz

Lastly we have The Miz. Surprisingly Miz is sold out on Ringside and I’m not sure why. The attire is nice and slick with a clean, mostly white look. The Miz designs on his trunks and money maker logos on his kick pads make for a nice looking Miz figure. And of course he has a cheesy grin scan, but it’s one of his better scans as of late that look a lot like him, which could be why it’s sought after.

Overall, if you’re a fan of The Miz then you’ll want to grab him. As mentioned he’s surprisingly sold out on Ringside right now but they may re-stock him soon. Be sure to keep an eye out for that, but this attire is pretty cool. The mostly white look makes it stand out compared to a lot of his other figures.


Overall this set is pretty decent. I love the packaging as it’s all SummerSlam themed with the orange look, much like Elite 68, and that makes it stand out from any set before. I also like the attires are SummerSlam themed to my knowledge, I’m not always good with referencing attires, but I think it’s cool Mattel did that. The Legends in the set are worth it in my opinion as you can never have enough figures of them. Get them on Ringside before they’re all gone!

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