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Collector’s Corner: San Diego Comic Con 2019 WWE Elite Slim Jim Macho Man (Photos)

Need some excitement? How about the new San Diego Comic Con 2019 WWE Elite Slim Jim Macho Man exclusive action figure from Mattel? This bad boy will be available tomorrow, June 18th at 9am PST, on Entertainment Earth here for $29.99 or a little cheaper at San Diego Comic Con in July. Or you’ll be able to get it on where you can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout! A huge shout out to Mattel for providing this to me to review for you guys early!

This figure announcement took the internet by storm as people of all ages couldn’t believe Mattel created a figure to commemorate the late Macho Man Randy Savage and his epic 90s Slim Jim commercials.

The Packaging

The packaging on this figure is pretty awesome as it looks just like a Slim Jim display box before it’s opened at a grocery store. It has the Slim Jim logos on it as well as WWE and Elite logos, plus nutrition facts that are quite entertaining to read, which you can see in the gallery below.

Once you remove the outer box you can see Macho holding Slim Jims in a window style packaging. The front says “Snap Into A Slim Jim” with an explosion behind Macho as he would burst through walls in the commercials. The back of the box showcases Macho and has a quote from him as well.

The Attire

Once you remove Macho from his packaging you can see this figure ooze awesomeness. He has a cloth jacket with all of his elaborate stripe designs as well as his tassels hanging down. The back of the jacket says “Snap Into It” as well. He’s rocking his signature cowboy hat and shades. His cowboy hat is a little small for his head unfortunately as I believe this is a repaint of his Defining Moments hat from years ago but it still sits on his head, just a little higher than it should.

His pants are the same mold as his WWE Elite 38 figure that came out years ago, just a new color scheme. He has his yellow hand/wrist tape as well as rubber tassels over his boots to fully complete his look. Once you remove his jacket, shades and hat he is in full wrestling attire.

The Figure

Macho is basically a combination of his Elite 38 figure and first Defining Moments figure with his latest head scan with his teeth showing. He has all Elite articulation so you can pose him very well, especially in his jacket, which is great. He doesn’t have swappable hands like current Elites, which would’ve been even better, but he’s still a fantastic figure to say the least.

The Accessories

He comes with miniature Slim Jims that you would see at a gas station or grocery store. These are solid molds, so you can’t remove any of the Slim Jims, but Mattel created the illusion there are a ton in there, which looks great as they went all out on the packaging for these miniatures. Even the display box they’re in has the Slim Jim logo on it to complete the overall look.


Overall, this figure is beautiful. From the packaging to the figure itself this is one wrestling collectible one should not pass on. Whether you’re a wrestling fan or not this piece is so nostalgic to the popular commercials from the 90s and Mattel and Slim Jim did a fantastic job commemorating that. As mentioned above you’ll be able to get him from Entertainment Earth on June 18th, at San Diego Comic Con in July or from Ringside Collectibles. I highly recommend you do not wait on buying this as you will probably regret it later. This will be such a sought after collectible as time goes on so don’t miss out on it!

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