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Allie Wants To Face Britt Baker And Brandi Rhodes, Jungle Boy Plans To Team With Luchasaurus Again

After Fyter Fest, a number of AEW stars spoke with the media. Jungle Boy and Allie both discussed the event in a media scrum. During the show, Allie defeated Leva Bates while Jungle Boy participated  a fatal four way match that Adam Page ultimately won. Allie talked about a number of topics, including her decision to jump from IMPACT to All Elite Wrestling.

On why she left IMPACT for All Elite Wrestling:

“I spent a lot of time at IMPACT and my time kinda came to an end,” said Allie. “I love the guys that run AEW…and I just knew this is where I wanted to be.”

On who she wants to face in All Elite Wrestling:

Allie also named Britt Baker and Brandi as the two women she most wants to face in All Elite Wrestling. “First of all, I really want to get in the ring with Britt Baker,” said Allie. “We’ve been on the indies and we’ve never been in an actual ring together so she’s definitely [at the] top of the list. But right now I’m kind of laser-focused on Brandi.”

Listen to the full interview here:

Jungle Boy discussed various topics, too, including the usage of online media to build characters and stories.

On the popularity of The Road to Fyter Fest series and similar videos:

“That’s wild, especially with Being The Elite …because I used to watch that all the time,” said Jungle Boy. “Normally, you have to do gimmicks at shows a bunch of times and get people familiar with them. They already know what I’m doing. They just see it on Being The Elite so it’s amazing.”

On his bond with Luchasaurus:

“I met Luchasaurus when I was ten years old and we’ve kinda crossed paths here and there and…it was just an idea someone had and it was the right place, right time,” said Jungle Boy. “I’m having a lot of fun with it.” Jungle Boy also said he plans to team with Luchasarus again.

On his inspirations for his high-flying moves:

“I’ve done a bit of parkour,” said Jungle Boy. “I see stuff in movies, I don’t know. I’m a big fan of motion, I guess, in general. I kinda take bits and pieces from everywhere.

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