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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Tony Khan Provides An Update On Britt Baker’s AEW Status

Tony Khan hopes to have Britt Baker back on the AEW active roster sooner rather than later.

All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan recently participated in a Forbidden Door Media Call. When asked about the status of former AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker, Khan said that Baker has been dealing with an injury and hopes that she’ll be cleared to return to the ring soon.

“Yes, I’m really excited about Britt Baker being close to ready for a return to AEW,” Tony Khan said. “She’s been out with injury and was not cleared to wrestle, but I do expect that sometime soon, she could return. So I would absolutely love that, and very excited about getting all of our top stars back. It’s been great having MJF back, and so many top stars have been away.

AEW is missing many of its top stars due to injury

“It’s going to feel amazing when we’ve got great stars; Britt Baker is a great example. It would be great to have the Doctor back in AEW so many other great former champions, including Jamie Hayter, Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, and many other great wrestlers we can’t wait to have back here in AEW, and certainly, for me, I know that Dr. Britt Baker and fans all over the world will be excited to see her return, and I’m glad that she’s going to be clear to return very soon.”

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