Randy Savage in New York City circa 1991.

Collector’s Corner: Pro Wrestling Tees Micro Brawlers – Macho King (Photos)

If you picked up the latest Pro Wrestling Crate from Pro Wrestling Tees chances are you received the new Micro Brawlers Macho King figure! These mini figures are made of rubber and have a fun, cartoon style to them. They do not have any articulation whatsoever if you were wondering. Being there’s a huge Macho Man craze all of a sudden we were very excited to get a Macho Man “Macho King” brawler to add to the collection!

The Packaging

Macho King comes in a plastic bag with a cardboard piece that holds it closed. On it you can see the Micro Brawlers logo followed by “Macho King” and a photo of Macho Man himself! These are relatively easy to open being they’re just stapled shut.

The Figure

Macho King is very detailed for a mini figure. From his crown to his robe to the scepter in his hand. His crown says Macho on it while his robe says King on the front and back and has stars all over it. He even has tape on his fingers and hands, which is awesome.


If you love the Macho Man then you definitely need to pick him up. You might be able to get him on the ProWrestlingTees website otherwise you can get him in-store in Chicago while supplies last!

Check out all the other wrestlers they have, too, if you like these! They’re pretty cool and addicting to collect I might add!

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