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FOCO WWE 2000s Mini Bobblehead Set and Honky Tonk Man Bobblehead Up For Pre-Order (Photos)

FOCO, aka Forever Collectibles, has more, new, limited WWE commemorative bobbleheads available now for pre-order! Today they’ve revealed their 2000s Mini Bobblehead set based on the Ruthless Aggression era as well as a Honky Tonk Man bobblehead!

Photo by Bob Levey/WireImage

WWE 2000s Mini Bobblehead Set

FOCO just released another very limited mini WWE bobblehead set based on the Ruthless Aggression era that is limited to only 720 pieces and costs $150. These bobbleheads are all 4″ tall as well compared to the regular sized 8″ ones. Shipping January 2023.

The set includes:

  • Booker T
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Eddie Guerrero
  • Edge
  • Batista
  • John Cena
  • Randy Orton
  • Rey Mysterio

WWE Honky Tonk Man Bobblehead

FOCO also revealed their new, limited WWE bobblehead of Honky Tonk Man! He is also limited to 720 pieces and costs $55. Shipping January 2023.

This is HTM’s first bobblehead by FOCO as well.

If you collect the other WWE bobbleheads they’ve released to this point be sure to jump on this one too before it is gone for good by ordering them all here!

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