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Collector’s Corner: Storm Collectibles – Final Round Mike Tyson (Photos)

On this week’s Collector’s Corner we take a look at the legendary boxer himself and fellow WWE native, Storm Collectibles Mike Tyson! I got mine from Megalopolis.toys where you can currently SAVE 20% with discount code SDCC1920xqfg at checkout!

The Packaging

The packaging is nice and slick as it’s a sharp, all black color with gold font. The sides feature images of Tyson as well as his name and the Storm logo. It also has images of Tyson on the back with a mini bio. This figure is just like the Ringside Collectibles exclusive Hulk Hogan figures and is pretty compatible with Mattel’s WWE figures.

In the packaging you can see a lot of plastic, which is the biggest downfall for mint on card collectors in my opinion as it creates such a glare, making it hard to see the swappable heads he comes with. Besides that I really like the packaging as it’s so simple and clean looking, plus it’s not bulky at all.

The Head Scan

Tyson’s scan is pretty nice as it looks just like him I think. He has a serious scan, a lip biting scan and a grinning scan. You can see the detailed tattoo on the left side of his face as well as the detail in his facial hair. They even captured the wrinkles in the back of his head. You can swap the heads, just be patient removing them from the body so you don’t risk snapping the neck peg on accident.

The Attire

Tyson has cloth shorts with the Everlast logo on them, which is awesome it’s officially licensed like that. The cloth is nice but does stain the skin of the figure a bit. When you first remove him from the packaging you will notice plastic sticking out from under his shorts, which is Storm’s way of doing their best to protect the figure from any possible staining. This is from the dye of the cloth that sometimes seeps into the plastic, as you may have seen on past Mattel figures. It’s really cool Storm did this to avoid any issues.

He also has his boxing gloves, also with the Everlast logo. They’re quite detailed, which is awesome. Then lastly he has his black shoes that have toe joints for extra posing besides the typical ankle joints.

The Articulation & Detail

The best part of the Storm Collectibles figures are their articulation as they do a great job. You can pose Tyson really well, which is great for capturing any boxing poses. He has a ball jointed chest and waist, which really allow you to rock his body like he would in real life. He also has butterfly shoulder joints that give you extra posability with his arms. Plus ball jointed arms, double jointed elbows and knees, ball jointed wrist joints, ball jointed legs and a ball jointed neck. He also has swivel boots joints. The posing options are endless honestly, making it such an awesome figure.

He also has tattoo work on his arms and abdomen, which are quite detailed and make the figure pop that much more.


If you are a fan of Tyson and want one for your collection this is one of the best figures out there. There is also a younger version with hair and title belts, which is accurate to how he was back when he appeared on WWE. That one isn’t as easy to come by these days but you can find him on eBay, just be weary of bootlegs. These figures range around forty dollars so look for a similar price point. Don’t forget you can get one today from Megalopolis.toys where you can currently SAVE 20% with discount code SDCC1920xqfg at checkout! Be sure to check out my video review above to see it more up close!

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