Kongo Kong
Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Kongo Kong On Leaving IMPACT: ‘They Had A Different Vision And I Moved On’

Kongo Kong is this Sunday’s guest on the Cut The Promo Wrestling Podcast, and they’ve provided some early excerpts from the conversation. The former IMPACT Wrestling star speaks about when he signed with the promotion, working with Jonny Impact, and how he and the company parted ways.

On getting signed by Impact

I had done a couple of shows with Abyss where we tagged and we worked against each other and eventually, he told me that I’m going to get you a tryout in Orlando. Eventually, he called me and gave me the dates he needed me to come there and tryout. I tried out the first day and they said they didn’t need me to tryout anymore and I was signed up 

On John Morrison

Johnny always seemed like a really cool guy. He plays the character on television and that’s not him where he’s that cocky guy. He’s totally not that guy outside of the ring. He’s one of the better guys at most things and he’s one of coolest guys I know

On getting released from Impact Wrestling 

On the very last set of tapings I did for Impact, they told me if I would be okay with doing a segment with Johnny IMPACT and something where I ran and jumped into Lake Ontario. I kind of called them and asked is this something I’m gonna come back from and they were like “oh yeah you’ll be back on TV and you’ll be wrestling Brian Cage and I was like okay as long as this isn’t a way to say goodbye it just so happened that we did it and I ran and jumped into the pool and I wrestled Brian Cage and on the following week of television I never got invited back. Why or what transpired after that I have no clue but I don’t think it’s anything I’ve done. I’ve stepped up and done whatever they wanted me to do. They had a different vision and I moved on

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