Glacier On Why His Gimmick Didn’t Take Off As Originally Planned, What He’s Most Proud Of About His WCW Run

Glacier (Ray Lloyd) recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Bill Pritchard about his wrestling career’s resurgence in recent years, in addition to why things didn’t work out when he made his WCW debut. Glacier noted how the nWo changed not only his career and the whole wrestling world, and how the timing might have been off, but he’s proud to have earned his spot in a very crowded and talented WCW locker room.

“The thing is, like Eric was saying, he always tries to give a buffet-style show presentation where there was something for everybody. And Mortal Kombat, nobody could really dispute the fact that in the early to mid-’90s was something that was really really hot. Everything we did was basically inspired by that. But that’s how pro wrestling works. Pro wrestling feeds off of what’s popular in society, you don’t have to be a genius to figure that out. The thing is, when nWo came along, everything—I mean, it change wrestling forever. Whatever else was on the plans for that time, everything took a back seat, including us. And that took a life of its own.

But the one thing I always say is, what I did do, what I’m proud of it in that time is, like I always said, in January of ’96 it was a great idea. By the time nWo hit about a year later, you know, it was—I was kind of debuting later that year, a lot had happened. So it wasn’t as timely as it maybe we thought it would be. You know, [DDP] says all the time, he has a great saying when he says, ‘Give me luck, give me talent, give me timing. I’ll take timing every single time.’ That was it, it was a bit of that.

But what I’m most proud of is the fact that, for five years I was there, my contract ran out right before, maybe a couple of months before we got acquired by WWE. I was there, and for especially those first three years, I’ve earned my spot, week after week, on Nitro, Thunder,  Saturday Night. And one of the things I was most proud of, I was an active part, I held my own, week after week on arguably one of the greatest rosters of all time in professional wrestling.

And that’s something I can look myself in the mirror every day and say, ‘Yeah I’ve worked my butt off and I’ve earned the right to be here, and I’m earning my spot week in and week out.’ And that’s something I was really proud of too, because you go back and you look back on that roster, man, it was the best of the best, on that roster during [that stretch from] ‘96-’99. And I was a proud, active member of that locker room, that roster, every week, during that whole run. And that’s something to be really really proud of.”

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