(Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images)

Social Roundup: Steve Austin On Shark Week, Finn Balor Goes To MLS, Nikki Bella Asked About Double Dating With John Cena

Finn Balor was at last night’s MLS All-Star Game and was presented a jersey during the pre-show:

Balor also posted the following photos on his own account:

Stone Cold Steve Austin was on Shark After Dark last night with Rob Riggle and Josh Duhamel; watch the archive of the show (cable subscription login required) here.

The following video features the latest episode of WWE Top 10. This edition of the show features the top jaw-dropping ring-dives as seen in the WWE 2K19 video game:

Check out your favorite superstars perform some outrageous ring dives in WWE 2K19!

TMZ caught up with Nikki Bella and asked her about John Cena’s new girlfriend, and if they’d ever go on a double date. Nikki said she’ll still be friends with Cena, but thinks there’s boundaries when it comes to getting together for a couples dinner…