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Kevin Owens On What King Of The Ring Means To Him, The Silver Lining Of Being Injured

Kevin Owens recently gave a great interview to Sporting News. The SmackDown Live star discussed his SummerSlam match against Shane McMahon, missing WrestleMania, and how much King of the Ring means to him.

Check out highlights below:

On SummerSlam taking place in Canada and what it meant to him:

It was great. I thought it was great because SummerSlam, obviously, is one of our big shows of the year, especially with me missing WrestleMania. And SummerSlam being in Toronto, it meant even more to have a big role in the show.

The silver lining of being injured:

Look at Bray Wyatt as an example. He went away for a long time, not because he was injured, but just because it was time for a reset and while he was away, he put a lot of thought into the new thing he’s doing and people seem to be enjoying it. It’s hard for us as performers to step away from the ring but we come back better than we were when we left. It’s good for the audience to miss us a little too. It’s good for the show with fresher elements when we come back. There’s always a silver lining.

Getting to be in King of the Ring:

I was always a huge fan of the King of the Ring tournament just because that concept is really interesting to me, especially when it was a one-night tournament. I just felt that was great. Tournaments themselves, I’m always interested in them and the King of the Ring was the best one for me.

I’m really excited to be in it. I’m excited that it’s back. In a way, it’s kind of cool because I remember when I was on the independent scene and I’d get to the Battle of Los Angeles in PWG, that was like our own little version of King of the Ring, for me. Now I get to be in the actual thing, in the real King of the Ring tournament, so that’s pretty great. It’s like my first Royal Rumble match. Those are things I grew up watching and now I get to be a part of it. It’s thrilling.

Check out the full interview for a lot more from Owens.

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