jimmy havoc
Photo Credit: Dominic DeAngelo

Jimmy Havoc On His Bunkhouse Brawl With Mance Warner, Blue Jeans & Living The Dream

I sat down with Jimmy Havoc ahead of his Cracker Barrel match with Joey Janela and Darby Allin at AEW All Out. The master of the Acid Rainmaker talked about his excitement for AEW on TNT, what he loves about working for MLW, his attire plans for his upcoming Bunkhouse Brawl match against the ‘Southern Psychopath’ Mance Warner and more.

Jimmy Havoc on being Salina de la Renta’s advisor in MLW:

“She’s just about as twisted as I am. I like to hurt people, she likes to emotionally hurt people so she’s cool.”

On AEW moving to TNT and him being a part of the action:

“Yeah, it’s pretty fuckin’ cool, man. I moved to America, I get to live the dream I’ve wanted to ever since I was a kid. If it all ended tomorrow I’d be happy. That sounds more depressed than it is. I don’t mean that I’d be happy if ended tomorrow, I mean if it all ended tomorrow I’d have no regrets.”

On his upcoming Bunkhouse Brawl match against Mance Warner at MLW War Chamber:

“That’s pretty cool. The thing I like about MLW is that they’re bring back all these old match types. So I get to get my blue jeans on. Obviously I don’t wear blue jeans so I’ll have to buy a pair of blue jeans.”

Will he embrace the Wrangler jeans?

“Yeah, 100%.”

Will he get a trucker hat?

“Yeah, fuck it. Yeah. I look stupid in hats, so maybe no on the hat. It’s gonna feel weird not wearing black.”

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