Baron Corbin
Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

Baron Corbin Advances To The WWE King of the Ring Finals

This week on WWE RAW, Ricochet, Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin competed in a triple threat match to determine the winner of the RAW side of the WWE King of the Ring 2019 tournament. Corin defeated Cedric Alexander last week to clinch his spot in the match while Joe and Ricochet both advanced after they pinned each other during their match. Corbin stole the win from Ricochet to advance to the finals after a competitive match.

Joe took the fight to Joe early on but Corbin grounded the high flyer. WWE’s resident superhero fought back and hit Corbin with a standing Shooting Star Press. Ricochet dove onto both his opponents with consecutive dives to take control of the match. Corbin slammed Ricochet face-first into the ring post and the high flyer was practically knocked out cold. Joe took Corbin down with a dive to the outside. Joe tossed Ricochet into the ring post face-first again.

Joe rocked Corbin with some strikes and got a near fall with a senton. Joe floored Ricochet with a powerslam for another near fall. Corbin turned Ricochet inside out with a clothesline. A stiff kick to the head dropped Joe. A nasty boot from Corbin took Ricochet down and Corbin almost pinned him with Deep Six. Corbin couldn’t escape the Coquina Clutch outside the ring and Ricochet dived onto both men with a Shooting Star Press. Ricochet reversed the Coquina Clutch into the Recoil and hit the 630 Splash but Corbin threw Ricochet out of the ring and pinned Joe to win.

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