Collector’s Corner: Walmart Exclusive Mattel WWE Elite Ghostbusters Action Figures In-Depth Review (Photos)

This week we take a look at the all new Walmart Exclusive Mattel WWE Elite Ghostbusters action figures featuring:

  • The Rock
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • John Cena
  • Shawn Michaels
  • The Undertaker

These are all in the fun spirit of Halloween and celebrate the beloved Ghostbusters franchise. Shockingly Mattel recently lost the Ghostbusters license for 2020 so it’s great they got these fun crossover figures out in time. They are only available at Walmart and just started popping up. Mattel gave us these to review just in time for all of you so a big shout out goes to them!

The Packaging

My personal favorite thing about these crossover figures is the packaging. The packaging is the typical Elite style box shape with green slime dripping down the front window with beautiful artwork on the back and sides featuring all included in the set. Undertaker is huge and purple as he is the “ghost” while the others are the Ghostbusters trying to capture him.

I personally have never been a fan of Ghostbusters but these figures are great and are honestly a ton of fun. They’re in fantasy attires as well and feature some really nice cloth goods. I’ve seen many collectors grabbing them off the pegs whom originally, like myself, weren’t as interested.

The Undertaker

Undertaker will probably be the most sought after in this set. His figure is really cool as it’s a purple translucent color to give him that evil ghost look with his eyes rolled back. He still has his tattoos and other details, which you can faintly see. He comes with a translucent green winged eagle belt with the logos and text removed plus his signature hat, which is also a purple translucent color. The only issue with his hat is I believe the material it’s made of restricts it from gripping his head, so prepare for it to fall of easily.

Overall, a very cool and fun take on the Undertaker. Highly recommend even if you’re not a Ghostbusters fan as it’s a unique figure of him. The belt is a little odd in that it’s very plain but every ghost needs its championship, right?

The Rock

Rock’s figure is nice as he comes with a sleeveless, cloth jumpsuit with “shredded” sleeves and his name on it. He has his proton pack that is also very detailed on his back, which all of them come with minus Undertaker. It’s a young Rock as he has his short shaved hair and no large samoan tattoo on his arm, but of course he has the Brahama Bull on his right arm. He has rubber knee pads and a rubber belt over his jumpsuit that you can remove if you unlatch the rubber hinges. Once his jumpsuit is removed you can see he has a painted on shirt and his trunks, but no knee pads, which makes him look naked. Technically you can put those rubber ones on over his knees but it may look kind of odd. He has his signature Rock boots as well.

Overall, not a bad figure. It’s fun seeing him all decked out in Ghostbusters gear but if you want to display him outside of that with his fantasy shirt he’s wearing I’d recommend adding some knee pads to him to make him look better. It is odd he doesn’t have any logos on the back of his trunks too like his trunks normally have, just something that may bother you.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin is in a full, realistic Ghostbuster jumpsuit, with his name on it much like Rock, and it’s awesome. The cloth goods on him are really nice and will appeal to any Ghostbuster fan I’m sure. Austin’s head scan is his older one which is ok, unfortunately it’s not his latest like Basic 100 that looks just like him. Regardless, it’s a cool figure. He comes with a proton pack as well that latches onto his back. Once you remove that, his rubber belt and knee pads you can un-velcro his jumpsuit and reveal his t-shirt underneath. He also has his black trunks followed by his short black boots and of course his tattoo by his ankle. Austin, too, is missing knee pads and knee braces, making him look naked, but you can put the removable rubber knee pads he wears over his knees to help if you’d like. He also comes with a signature Austin vest to display on him outside of his jumpsuit if interested.

Overall, Austin is cool as he has the full, signature Ghostbusters outfit. His lack of his full accessories underneath is a bummer but chances are you will display him in the jumpsuit. Regardless you can always add knee pads to him to complete that look.

Shawn Michaels

Shawn is probably my favorite in the set besides Undertaker. Shawn’s outfit could be a fantasy attire as he has his typical pants and DX wristbands. He comes with a rubber shirt and a baseball hat, both removable, as well. Not to mention a proton pack and the device that captures the ghosts with a lightning effect coming out of it. The Ghostbuster specific accessories are really nice and detailed and the fact Shawn is the only one to have the other accessory will make him more sought after if you aren’t planning to complete the set. Going back to Shawn’s pants, they’re pretty detailed and his attire looks pretty nice.

Overall, Shawn is a great figure. His proton pack doesn’t sit on him as well as it does on the others, most likely because he has a rubber shirt instead of cloth, but he still fits in with the gang quite nicely.

John Cena

Lastly we have Cena, probably the least sought after of the set I’d guess just because he has so many figures. Cena at least has a new color pair of shorts we’ve yet to see on any Elite as well as his shoes followed by his green wristbands, one set with his logos on it while the other has the Ghostbusters logo on it. He features one of his latest head scans that we’ve seen on a ton of his figures, plus a black cloth shirt with some logos on it. And he has his proton pack of course. Once you remove his shirt and rubber accessory belt you can see his green rubber armband on his left arm, too.

Overall, not a bad figure for Cena. It’s nice to see him with a cloth shirt in a different color but disappointing it’s another green attire Cena, but it makes sense due to the whole Ghostbuster theme, I’d just like to see a new color for him. Wishful thinking, right? Still a cool figure to add to the Ghostbuster crew nonetheless.


When I first heard of these I thought it was very random, which it still is in many cases, but the Ghostbusters anniversary was recently and Mattel probably wanted to do this fun crossover before they lost the license so it makes sense. Once I had these in my hands I was pretty impressed with them, especially the packaging. I wish they had their full gear underneath their jumpsuits, AKA Rock and Austin, but other than that I like them. They’ll go great displayed in my collection, that’s for sure. Whether you’re a Ghostbusters fan or not and whether you open these or not they will be great to any WWE collection as they’re so unique. As mentioned earlier these literally just started popping up at Walmart so be on the lookout within the next week or so if your store hasn’t gotten them yet.

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