WWE NXT Results
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WWE NXT Live Results (9/18/19)

WWE NXT Live Results

September 18, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Last Week’s NXT Live Results

Triple H kicks off the show with a promo to introduce the USA Network.

Number One Contenders Match: Io Shirai vs. Bianca Belair vs. Mia Yim vs. Candice LeRae

LeRae immediately attacks Shirai. Belair press slams LeRae. Belair hits a handspring that knocks Shirai off the apron into a moonsault onto LeRae. Yim breaks it up. Shirai hits a tiger feint kicks on Yim. Shirai lands a springboard dropkick on Belair for a near fall. Yim blast Belair with a tornado DDT. LeRae breaks up that pin. LeRae hits a facebuster on the apron to Shirai. Belair suplexes LeRae out on the floor. Yim suicide dives into Belair and LeRae. While the other three are fighting, Shirai takes all of them out with a moonsault off the top.

After the break, LeRaee takes everyone off the top with the tower of doom. LeRae puts Shirai in the octopus. Yim boots LeRaee to break the hold. Belair takes out Yim, but Shirai backbreakers Belair. Snap German by LeRae to Shirai. Belair almost hit the KOD on LeRae. Yim hits the Code Blue on Belair. Shirai kills that pin. Belair spears Yim and Shirai. Belair KODs LeRae. Yim breaks up that pin and hits Protect Your Neck! Shirai breaks that pin up. Shirai sets up a moonsault. Yim pushes Shirai off the top rope. LeRae poison rannas Yim. LeRae hits her finisher on Yim for the win!

Winner and NEW Number One Contender for the NXT Women’s Championship, Candice LeRae!

After the match, NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler walks out with her crew. Baszler stares LeRae down.

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