ROH Death Before Dishonor Results (9/27/19)

ROH Death Before Dishonor Results

September 27, 2019

Report by Colin Tessier for

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Jeff Cobb vs. Brody King

Both men lock up and the match is a stalemate early on. They exchange suplexes and shoulder blocks. Cobb catches and suplexes King when he attempts a splash in the corner. A series of chops and forearms gives Cobb all the momentum. King gets a two count after a crossbody off the top rope. King grounds Cobb with several forearms and stomps. Both men drop each other with clotheslines. They trade forearms and chops. A superkick rocks King but he drops Cobb with a slam for a near fall.  Cobb superplexes King and gets a near fall after a standing moonsault.

A hurricanrana takes Cobb to the outside and King nails him with a suicide dive. King plants Cobb with a piledriver for a near fall. Cobb counters the Gonzo Bomb and hits King with three German suplexes. The Tour of the Islands gets Cobb the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

Both men shake hands after the match.

Colin: Cobb and King both looked impressive in this match. King continues to shine in singles action and it’s only a matter of time before he receives a chance to fully shine on his own. Since losing his ROH World Title match to Matt Taven, Cobb has somewhat faded into the background in Ring of Honor. (That’s partially due to Cobb’s involvement with the G1 Climax tournament.) Hopefully, this win will help Cobb begin to climb back to the top of Ring of Honor.

Backstage, Brian Zane interviews the Bouncers, who say they want revenge on the Kingdom and plan on sending Vincent and Silas Young to the hospital.

In the ring, Quinn McKay welcomes Dalton Castle to the ring. Joe Hendry comes to the ring when Castle teases a big reveal under a bucket. Castle shows that it’s a mimosa and brags about how fancy it is. Hendry says they need to up the ante by doing some karaoke. Hendry sings a song he wrote called, “To Reach The Peacock.” The song is about Hendry’s team with Dalton Castle. Hendry packs several insults aimed at Castle into the song. Castle throws his drink at Hendry and storms out. Hendry attacks the Boys and slams both at the same time.

A video package hypes up the show. Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman welcome viewers to the show and preview the card.

#1 Contender Tournament (Round One): Marty Scurll vs. Colt Cabana

Cabana shakes Scurll’s hand when he’s not looking. They exchange technical holds. Cabana hits a monkey flip and both men get back to their feet. Scurll heads to the outside after a hurricanrana. A superplex plants Cabana and Scurll rakes Boom Boom’s back. Scurll grounds Cabana and controls the match. A straightjacket choke wears Cabana down but he fights his way out. Scurll rocks Cabana with a superkick but a splash gets Boom Boom a near fall. A stiff elbow to the head stuns Scurll but the Villain returns the favor. A flurry of offense ending with a powerbomb gets Scurll the near fall.

Scurll snaps Cabana’s fingers and both men exchange strikes. Scurll counters a springboard moonsault and hits a piledriver for a near fall. The Villain blocks the Flying Apple. Cabana hits a moonsault for a near fall and locks in the Billygoat’s Curse but Scurll reaches the ropes. Cabana hits the Chicago Skyline for a near fall. Scurll plants Cabana with Black Plague for the win.

Winner: Marty Scurll

ROH Death Before Dishonor results will be updated live throughout the show.

#1 Contender Tournament (Round One): Kenny King vs. PCO (No Disqualification) 

King comes to the ring with an entourage, who set up some chairs around the ring. King punches PCO and quickly heads to the outside. PCO catches King in mid-air, bounces him off the ropes and hits a popup powerbomb. PCO bounces King’s head off a cinder block, a table and a ladder. The French Frankenstein suplexes King on the steel ramp and hits a senton. A slam drops King again. A senton off the top gets PCO a two count. PCO hits a senton off the top onto King, who’s draped on the apron. PCO falls to his knees because he’s having an electrical misfire and hits a suicide dive onto a cinderblock and a floor. Officials check on PCO and start helping him to the back until King attacks. King rams PCO’s head, while trapped in a ladder, into the ring post.

King slams PCO onto two ladders and dives onto him. King exposes part of the floor but PCO gains the upper hand. Amy Rose slaps PCO and King capitalizes and partially hits  a sunset flip powerbomb onto the floor. King suplexes PCO into the corner. King pours water on PCO and Amy Rose tries to drill him with a cattle prod. PCO perseveres and chokes King until the referee counts the pin.

Winner: PCO

Women of Honor World Championship: Kelly Klein (c) vs. Angelina Love

Mandy Leon accompanies Love to the ring. Love and Klein lock up and exchange holds. The Gatekeeper slams Love and clotheslines her. Klein dives onto Love and Leon outside the ring. Love suplexes Klein on the floor but Klein sends Love crashing into the barricade. The Gatekeeper suplex Love but the challenger suplexex her and locks her into the Koji Clutch but Klein reaches the ropes. Klein hits a fallaway slam off the second rope for a near fall. Love hits a cutter off the top for a two count. The champion hits a fireman’s carry slam for a two count.

Leon distracts the referee, Love sprays Klein in the face with some hairspray and hits the Botox Injection for the win. Leon accidentally sprays Love and Klein rolls her up for a near fall. Klein spears Leon  and Love hits the Botox Injection on a distracted Klein for the win.

Winner and new Women of Honor World Champion: Angelina Love

Love tries to humiliate Klein after the match but Maria Manik comes to the ring and puts Love in the torture rack. Manik attacks the security guards.

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