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Rusev Gets Called A Sex Addict By Lana, Shoves His Wedding Ring Down Lashley’s Mouth

The love triangle between Lana, Rusev and Bobby Lashley has been dominating WWE RAW recently. This week, Jerry “the King” Lawler hosted Rusev and Lana on the latest edition of “The King’s Court,” which Lawler called Divorce Court. Rusev and Lashley will also be opponents at WWE Crown Jewel because they’re on opposite sides of the Team Hogan vs. Team Flair match.

Lana said she has to deal with the WWE Universe’s hate, so she wanted to tell them the truth: her marriage with Rusev was all about sex. “Well, can you blame me?” responded Rusev. Lana said Rusev wanted sex anywhere and everywhere. “You are a sex addict,” said Lana. “It was only about you wanting to put a baby inside me.”

Rusev said he never pressured Lana to have a kid. Lana explained that a baby would ruin her career. Lana said that Lashley told her Rusev cheated on her. Rusev vehemently denied the claims, which brought Lashley to the ring. Rusev attacked Lashley and slammed him into the ring post and the steel stairs. A Samoan drop squashed Lashley and Rusev shoved his wedding ring into Lashley’s mouth. Lana hit Rusev with a kendo stick and he didn’t feel it. Lashley hit Rusev below the belt, Lana slapped Rusev and Lashley kicked him in the groin. Lashley and Lana kissed over Rusev’s body.

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