Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Carlos Colon Says Primo & Epico Are Still Under WWE Contract, Wants Carlito To Go Back For Another Run

Ahead of World Wrestling Council’s big event this weekend in Puerto Rico, Carlos Colon Sr. talked to Adiccion Deportiva about the status of his two sons in WWE.

“That is false,” Colon said of reports that Primo and Epico were no longer under contract. “I talked to [Primo] and he told me everything was quiet. He has a year of contract validity for both of them.”

As far as his other son, he’d like to see Carlito return to WWE. “I also spoke with Carlito and he has not yet made a decision (about returning to WWE). My dream is to see him return for a run more than four or five years. He is more mature than when he was there for the first time and it would be tremendous if he had there a faction with Primo and Epic, something they never gave him a chance to do there. For now, the three of them are helping me in WWC in all they can. ”

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