Matt Hardy
Photo Credit: Reby Hardy

More Details On Matt Hardy’s ‘Free The Delete’, His Current WWE Contract Status

Matt Hardy returned to WWE TV this past week, but it was in a new role. He came out to the Attitude Era music he shared with his brother, pulled out some old moves, and lost in pretty decisive fashion. It’s not the performance you expect from Hardy at this point in his career, and maybe that’s why he’s looking to exit WWE sooner rather than later.

PWInsider is reporting that his recent series of “Free The Delete” videos are carefully planned vignettes leading to his contract’s expiration, which is reportedly in February of 2020. Hardy isn’t opposed to staying on with WWE, and he’s not upset about the money their offering, but he wants to be used in a more creatively fulfilling role than what we saw this past Monday night.

WWE’s “Woken” version of his Broken character was never pushed with all the fervor of the WWE marketing machine, and Matt wants to spend the last few years of his in-ring career exploring the potential that exists there rather than acting as a nostalgia act to get other talents over.

It’s also worth noting that Jeff Hardy would not be joining him should he venture out into other companies in 2020, as WWE will likely add time onto his current deal due to his injuries. In any case, it seems likely that Broken Matt will be touring the rest of the wrestling world once again sooner rather than later.

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