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Sin Cara Appears At AAA Guerra De Titanes Event

It did not take Sin Cara long to get back into wrestling as he is back just a week after being released from WWE. I reported here a week ago that Sin Cara had been released from the WWE along with a handful of other superstars.

Yesterday at the AAA event in Ciudad Madero, Mexico, Sin Cara made an appearance by assisting Pagano as he was being attacked by Killer Kross. Several weeks ago, Sin Cara said that he did not feel like he was getting enough opportunities in WWE and that it was time to move on. His release request was eventually granted.

Sin Cara has been portrayed by multiple people and most currently Jorge Arias, who spent time with AAA many years ago as ‘Incognito’. It’s unclear if WWE gave him permission to make this appearance, as he is currently under a 90-day no compete clause with WWE that does not end until March 8. It is also reported that WWE has a trademark for ‘Sin Cara’ in Mexico.

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