Keith Lee
LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 07: Keith Lee of the USA fights Zack Sabre Jr of Great Britain during the Progress Wrestling Super Strong Style 16 at Alexandra Palace on May 7, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)

Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Series 104 In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest installment of Collector’s Corner and the first of the year we take a look at none other than Mattel WWE Series 104! This set features:

  • Keith Lee (with Chase variant)
  • Alexa Bliss
  • Randy Orton
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Daniel Bryan

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LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 07: Keith Lee of the USA fights Zack Sabre Jr of Great Britain during the Progress Wrestling Super Strong Style 16 at Alexandra Palace on May 7, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)

The Packaging

Each figure in this set features the newer style packaging for 2020 with the red/white color scheme. Each wrestler is pictured on the front of their respective box, their name on the side, the series number at the top followed by images of all those in the set on the back.

Alexa Bliss

Alexa was pretty sought after due to her being in her RAW GM attire; however, not many collectors are fond of her newer head scan for this figure. I personally don’t mind it as I feel it looks better in person, but many people feel there are several problems with this figure. Mainly that her hair isn’t in a bun and she is wearing shoes instead of boots, which is probably just a lazy approach by Mattel on that one. Regardless, it’s still nice to see a figure of her not in wrestling as at least it’s different than her others.

Overall, I don’t think it’s that awful, it just would’ve been nice to see her look different with her hair up and I’d have been curious to see it with boots. I think it would’ve been a pretty cool figure had they made her like that. But the face scan doesn’t bother me that much. It could be better but it’s not awful in my opinion, her cheeks just look a little chubby I guess.

Daniel Bryan

This is probably one of Daniel’s best Basic style figures as it has his newest head scan seen on his Elite 73 figure and it is by far his best to date. It looks just like him and features his long hair, which of course he recently shaved off making this irrelevant already, but it is still really nice. The detail in the fact is fantastic. His attire is super simple as well with some designs on the trunks.

Overall, this is a great Daniel Bryan figure. If you even just want the head to put on his other Elites I recommend picking this one up as it’s cheaper than buying the Elite 73 one to do the same. But if I had to choose any of Basic figures I’d choose this one as it looks just like him.

Keith Lee

Keith is probably the most sought after in this set as it’s his very first action figure and there’s two versions to collect, the one in black attire being the Chase variant. Both figures are great though as each attire is different with different designs on the trunks, the blue one being my favorite as it just pops. He has a new torso as he is a big guy followed by a smirking head scan, which looks great. Not to mention he has his knee pads and black short boots as well.

Overall, both of these are nice. His figure is really tall compared to the others in this set and his unique torso is really nice. For a Basic figure both of these are great and at least you have attire options if you prefer him in one color over another. Hopefully we get an Elite of him down the line but this should hold you over until then.

Randy Orton

Randy features a new attire and another new head scan, this one having short hair compared to his Elite 67 figure and Series 94 figures with the longer hair. I think the new scan looks decent but I still prefer the longer hair one as it really looks just like him. The attire on this figure features his black trunks with yellow/green text and logos as well as black tape on his hands, followed by his knee pads and boots. He also is rocking his crazy detailed tattooed arms and back, which is always a nice touch to his figures considering he has very detailed tattoo sleeves.

Overall, if you have one Orton figure you pretty much have his others; however, if you want a new scan with shorter hair I recommend picking it up to swap with. The attire is still cool as the color pops on it and at least looks different to a lot of his other more recent figures.

Rey Mysterio

Lastly we have Rey Mysterio, which is honestly another nice figure in the set. He’s super little compared to the others and is very detailed, making him an awesome figure. He features his latest head scan with the mask with the trojan style back. He’s got a ton of detailed tattoo work all over him from his chest to his arms to his back, which really makes the figure pop. He also has arm band accessories, which is nice that they’re not painted, as well as his gloves. His attire is pretty cool too with the white/black/purple/yellow color scheme.

Overall, Mattel has been doing a nice job on a lot of the Rey Mysterio figures as of late. They’re really fun, highly detailed and the short size of it makes it that much cooler.


Overall I’d say this is honestly one of the better Basic style sets in awhile as the figures all look pretty nice. The detail on them is impressive for Basics, too, in my opinion. Not to mention this batch of figures really shows the Mattel height scale, which I love. You can see a height comparison of all of them together in the gallery below. It’s nice they all scale pretty realistically with each other. I would recommend picking up several in this set honestly.

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