NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool II Results: WALTER vs. Coffey, Undisputed Era Appears, 4-Way Ladder Match

NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool II Results

January 12, 2020

Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis

Dennis goes for a corner boot but Seven catches him with a quick one-armed powerbomb and gets two. Seven connects with a DDT and Dennis comes back with a Razor’s Edge, and catches Seven with an elbow to the face. Seven sends Dennis outside and hits a suicide dive, then brings him back inside but misses a corkscrew senton. After a few reversals on a lariat and Razor’s Edge, Seven connects with Emerald Fusion after getting caught with a spinning elbow. Dennis tries to take the turnbuckle off but the referee stops him, then Seven hits a superplex and only gets two. Dennis still ends up getting the turnbuckle pad off and Seven hits it face first, and he goes for a buckle bomb but the referee prevents it. Dennis turns and hits the Razor’s Edge out to the floor and it gets a ‘holy shit’ chant, but still only gets two after Seven kicks out of a pin. Dennis connects with a Neck Stomp Driver and wins it.

Winner – Eddie Dennis

NXT UK Women’s Championship

Kay Lee Ray (c) vs. Toni Storm vs. Piper Niven

After a cheap shot at the bell, Piper recovers and hits a big dive to the floor on Ray and rolls her back in. Ray ends up tripping her up and Storm and Ray go at it, but Piper hits a senton to break it up. Ray comes back and stomps Piper near the ropes, then walks into a suplex by Storm. Ray ends up gaining the upper hand and gets a chair, then chokes both Piper and Storm with it before trying to slam Storm on it. Piper dives over to prevent Ray from attacking, then Storm picks up the chair and there’s a moment of hesitation as Piper stares her down before screaming at her. Storm drops the chair and kicks Ray in the head, then sends her outside and hits a crossbody before Piper hits one as well.

Ray makes another comeback and hits a somersault dive from the top turnbuckle onto both opponents on the floor, then Ray goes up top but Storm blocks her. Piper stops a superplex and tries to powerbomb Storm, then Ray dives on her and Piper comes right back with a Michinoku Driver for two. Ray hits a Gory Bomb but Storm breaks it up, then Piper hits a Canadian Destroyer before Storm runs in and hits Storm Zero for two. Piper breaks it up and Storm screams about the near win, then she kicks Ray on the mat and connects with Storm Zero again. Storm hits Piper with an underhook facebuster for two and heads up top, hitting a frog splash but Ray runs in and superkicks Storm, and steals the pin on Piper to retain.

Winner – Kay Lee Ray

Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin

The two trade off on some chain holds, then Devlin goes outside and follows with a Uranage on Bate. He connects with some mounted punches, then follows with a double underhook suplex and mocks Bate’s mustache taunt before kicking him in the jaw. Bate whips Devlin outside and takes him out with a dive over the ropes, then he heads up top and Devlin hits a gutbuster on the way down to block Bate’s crossbody attempt. Devlin puts him in a surfboard stretch and wrenches down on Bate’s chin, then Bate comes back with some rolling uppercuts but Devlin chases and dives on him in the corner. Bate holds on and slams Devlin before kipping it, then he catches Devlin with a standing shooting star press for two. Bate puts Devlin in an airplane spin and hits a Brainbuster for two, then things spill outside and Devlin connects with a high kick as the ref starts a count. Devlin makes it back in, followed by Bate at 9, then they slug it out in the center of the ring before heading back up top. Devlin connects with a Spanish Fly that gets a big pop from the crowd. Bate rebounds with a kick to the head and pulls himself up on the apron, then hits a big time tornado DDT and follows with Tyler Driver ’97….two! Bate goes right up top and hits a twisting corkscrew dive to finally put it away.

Winner – Tyler Bate

NXT UK Tag Team Championship (Ladder Match)

Gallus (c) vs. Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews vs. Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Imperium

Morgan and Webster slug it out with GYV to start, then the Vets go for ladders, but Gibson hesitates and goes for some chairs instead. They hit Andrews and Webster with the chairs, then Gallus comes back in and takes them out. Imperium clears things out, but Andrews and Webster use the break to get a ladder and set it up. Imperium and Gallus each take control of a ladder and hit eat other, then Gallus’ Wolfgang tries to hit Barthel but gets hit in the face with it after a block. Webster runs in and hits a moonsault, but Barthel dropkicks it into his ribs and Aichner follows with a slingshot into the same ladder wedged in the turnbuckles.

Gallus regains control after hitting Drake with an Uranage on the ladder, then they lift Gibson and hit a Samoan drop on the same ladder. Gallus tries to climb but Andrews and Webster cut them off, Webster hits a DDT followed by Andrews hitting a shooting star press off of the ladder. Barthel slams Webster on the ladder and holds it on the middle rope, then Aichner connects with a big springboard moonsault onto it before they try to go after the titles again. All four teams end up back in the ring and we’ve got four ladders here, all four teams are on top of them before Gallus and Imperium get dumped outside. The Vets and Andrews and Webster are left standing, and Andrews gets pulled off of the central ladder and caught with a snap suplex before the Drake hits a 450 splash off of the ladder laying across a second ladder and the top rope.

Drake climbs up but Aichner pulls Gibson outside, then Imperium takes out Drake with a double team slam before Gallus attacks them with ladders. Gallus smashes two ladders into Gibson and Drake before hitting a splash on the floor, then Wolfgang powerslams Gibson on the ramp as Webster and Andrews introduce a supersized ladder. Gallus ends up getting two tables on the other side of the floor, then they go to stand on one but it collapses under Coffey so Webster and Andrews slam Wolfgang on the other and climb the huge ladder. They hit in stereo somersault dives into Wolfgang, who goes through the table, then the Vets take control before Andrews unloads on them with a kendo stick. Imperium stops Andrews from climbing the ladder, Aichner hits a brainbuster, then Barthel heads up top but Gallus’ Coffey runs in and tries to suplex him off of the ladder. Barthel holds the ladder and Aichner pulls the other side for leverage, then Aichner holds Coffey up for a European bomb but Wolfgang spears Aichner through it. Barthel gets thrown outside, and Gallus climbs up to retain.

Winners – Gallus

NXT UK Championship

WALTER (c) vs. Joe Coffey 

Coffey sends Walter outside early and dives on him near the entrance, then Coffey goes into the crowd and dives over the barricade at Walter. Coffey sends Walter back in the ring and tackles him, then he clotheslines Walter in the corner and hits a DDT for two. Coffey hits a delayed suplex for two, then Walter trade some chops with him and unloads with some forearm shots. Coffey fights back from the apron with some strikes, then he heads up top once Walter is grounded. Walter catches his legs on the way down and applies a Boston crab before transitioning into a STF.

Coffey fights out but Walter suplexes him before Coffey hits a bridged German suplex for two. Coffey throws some punches but Walter hits him back and connects with a powerbomb for two, then Walter dives at Coffey and inadvertently launches the ref through the ropes upon contact. Coffey hits a powerbomb and the crowd counts to three, but there’s no ref and he ends up getting attacked by Alexander Wolfe. Ilja Dragunov runs in for the save and attacks Wolfe, then Coffey inadvertently gets hit during the scrap and Walter ends up clotheslining Ilja to take him out. Coffey comes up limping and Walter targets the knee, slamming him into the ring steps before hitting a powerbomb on the apron.

Walter rolls him in and goes for a cover but the ref is still not back, then a new ref runs in and counts two. Ilja attacks Wolfe again as Coffey struggles to climb up top, and Walter cracks him with a big chop before Coffey lands a leaping uppercut. Coffey jumps up and throws Walter across the ring, then Walter targets Coffey’s knee again and delivers a sweeping kick before landing a top rope splash for two. Coffey hits All The Best For The Bells, but Walter fights back and applies a sleeperhold. Coffey breaks free but Walter kicks him in the back, then he reapplies the sleeperhold and Coffey gets a rope break. Walter hits a sleeperhold suplex, then follows with a powerbomb and a crossface, getting Coffey to tap.

Winner – WALTER

The Undisputed Era runs in and attacks Imperium as they celebrate WALTER’s win, with Undisputed clearing the ring so Cole can face off with WALTER. Fish, O’Reilly and Strong corner him and all four men take out WALTER, with Cole connecting with the Last Shot before posing to end the show.