WWE NXT Worlds Collide Results

WWE NXT Worlds Collide Results (9/4/22)

nxt worlds collide 2022WWE NXT Worlds Collide Results

September 4, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

North American Championship Match: Carmelo Hayes (c) w/Trick Williams vs. Ricochet

Ricochet and Hayes lock up. Neither man can get an advantage. Both men move at lightning speed as they counter each other at every turn. Both men stare at each other since this leads to a stalemate. Hayes slaps Ricochet. After another series of counters, Ricochet floors Hayes with a dropkick. Snapmare followed by a PK by Ricochet. Hayes retreats to the outside area. Ricochet gets in Williams’ face as he catches him trying to get involved. Hayes tries to sneak up behind Ricochet, but he sees it coming. Ricochet lands a few stiff chops. Ricochet lays Hayes on the barricade and a fan holds Hayes in place as Ricochet lays in another chop.

As Ricochet gets back in the ring, Hayes takes him down. Ricochet does a backflip off of Hayes’ chest. Hayes slams Ricochet back first on the mat. Ricochet kips up and eats a nasty superkick from Hayes. Ricochet tries a handspring but Hayes surprises him with a springboard clothesline. Hayes gloats. Ricochet surprises Hayes with a double stomp. Ricochet and Hayes trade clotheslines. Hayes and Ricochet clothesline each other over and over again. Neither man will go down. Both men try springboards simultaneously and crash into each other in mid-air. After another series of counters, Ricochet catches Hayes with a head kick. Ricochet tries a modified GTS.

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Hayes misses a springboard and eats a Recoil. While Ricochet has Hayes pinned, Williams breaks up the pin by pulling Hayes’ leg. Ricochet wipes out Williams with a baseball slide. Ricochet gets back in the ring and Hayes lands his head scissor facebuster. Suplex stunner by Hayes. Ricochet kicks out. Hayes goes up top. Ricochet cuts him off and hits a superplex. Ricochet kicks Hayes in the chest and yells that if he wants to beat him he’s gonna have to beat him. Hayes slaps Ricochet in the face.

Hayes and Ricochet trade pump kicks. Ricochet lands his modified GTS. Hayes responds with a lung blower. Kick out byRicochet. Ricochet rolls Hayes into a crucifix pin. Hayes kicks out at 2.9. Hayes and Ricochet trade super kicks. Poison ranna by Ricochet. Williams tries to hit Ricochet with the title. Ricochet takes Williams out with a dropkick. Hayes is still out in the ring. Ricochet tries a shooting star press but Hayes moves. Ricochet lands on his feet. Hayes small packages Ricochet and gets a three count.

Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes!


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