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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE WrestleMania Rey Mysterio vs. Samoa Joe Elite 2-Pack Review (Photos)

On the latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at the new Mattel WWE WrestleMania Rey Mysterio vs. Samoa Joe Elite 2-pack that you can currently get over on where you can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

This 2-pack is based on their United States Championship WrestleMania 35 match for those unfamiliar.

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The Packaging

While the packaging of this set is similar shaped to that of the Finn Bálor vs. AJ Styles one, it has a new look and color scheme for WrestleMania. I must say the packaging on this set is awesome. It has a black, white and gold color scheme to represent the PPV and you can see both superstars facing each other in the box. One side has large images of them both while the other side has an in-ring moment pictured. The back shows both superstars as well as statistics and talks about their match.

Samoa Joe

Joe features an all-new head scan with his newer haircut with the longer hair and shaved sides. He’s also sporting his beard/goatee and a mean mug on his face. The new scan looks great and is probably my favorite of all his figures. He also comes with his towel accessory that sits nicely around his neck and over his shoulders.

Unfortunately Joe is the same Elite figure we’ve had a few times already, just with a different head, but that is the outfit he wore for this match. He has the white tape on his left elbow as well as wrist and hand tape on both arms and hands. He’s wearing his signature black/red shorts with his unique knee pads covering his knees and his tall, black kick pads just below. Joe also comes with swappable “hang loose” type hands like his older Elite came with.

Rey Mysterio

Rey on the other hand is by far the gem of this set. His outfit is based on Misterio from Spider-Man and I was shocked Mattel made this outfit. It’s by far Rey’s coolest action figure to date as there’s tremendous detail on this. He has a new head scan I believe with the trojan type top sticking out of his mask. It’s all gold with black and purple markings and designs. He has a rubber cape that has the feathered look to it as well as a hood, unfortunately molded to the cape, dangled behind his head. The cape fastens around his neck just under his chin. Being it is made out of a flimsy rubber it is a little tough to fasten so just be patient with it.

Once you remove the cape you can see Rey’s super detailed outfit. He has his green top, much like Misterio, as well as his armbands and tattoos covering his arms. He is sporting new wrist gauntlets, which also makes his attire more accurate, followed by his gold gloves to match. The gauntlets are super detailed with awesome molding sticking out of it. The detail on his arms alone is super impressive.

Rey’s pants match his top with the green design with the gold and black markings. His trunks have his typical logos/designs on them as well. His legs say “Rey 619” on both sides I believe and his gold boots even say “GOAT, Booyaka and 619” on them.


Overall, this set is fantastic and some of Mattel’s best work to kickoff the new year. While yes Joe is not as exciting, his new scan makes up for a repeated attire. And as mentioned the attire is accurate to the match. While Rey on the other hand is absolutely an amazing figure. The detail on him is phenomenal. It’s an extremely impressive figure of Rey and if you’re a Spider-Man fan this should make it that much more of a reason to purchase it. I highly recommend this set as it’s fantastic, whether you display it opened or mint on card you can’t go wrong either way!