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Scott Dawson Addresses Reports Of The Revival Asking For Release

It was reported on Friday that The Revival had turned down a pair of brand new deals that would have paid both superstars more than $700,000 a year. Instead of taking the deal, it seems as if both members of The Revival have asked for their release, or are preparing to leave the company once their contracts are done.

In a tweet shared early Saturday morning, Dawson seemingly addressed these rumors. taking a shot at the fans by saying that if they were to settle, fans would say they were lazy. On the other hand, if Dawson and Wilder attempt to do better, the fans criticize them for “whining.” It’s a tough situation to be in, but it seems as if Dawson is confirming the reports in a not so subtle way.

What will come from this is yet to be seen, but with The Revival currently in the chase for the tag team titles in the WWE, it’ll be interesting to see the plan for them going forward.

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