Powerslam.TV Update: Warhorse’s Big Bad B*tchin’ Christmas, A Queen’s Ransom, AAW Goes To War

PowerslamTV Update Week of 3/2

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Queens Of Combat Presents “A Queens Ransom”

First Round Matches

Dani Jordyn VS Lindsay Snow

Madi Maxx VS Selina Rose

Savannah Evans VS Kenzie Paige Henry

Kilynn King VS Lady Frost

Non Tournament

Lynzee Pike VS Kayla Kassidy

Charlie Kruel VS Sadie Lee Moss

Queens of Combat Tag Team Championship Match

So Flo Unsanctioned (Rocky Radley & Dynamite Didi (c) VS Randi West & Thunderkitty

AAW Pro Wrestling – The Art of War

2/21/20 – Logan Square Auditorium – Chicago, IL

inFAMy: Deonn Rusman/Joeasa vs. Travis Titan/Ben Carter

Karam vs. Solomon Tupu

Christi Jaynes vs. Hyan vs. Kenzie Paige

Nate Webb vs. Stephen Wolf vs. Jason Cade vs. Jake Lander vs. Clayton Gainz vs. Ace Perry

AAW Women’s Championship Match: Kris Statlander vs. Jody Threat

AAW Heavyweight Championship Match: Mance Warner vs. Sami Callihan

Nick Gage vs. Matthew Justice

Zicky Dice vs. PACO

Contender’s Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Fred Yehi vs. Josh Briggs vs. Hakim Zane

ACH vs. TJ Perkins

AAW Tag Team Championship Match: Besties in the World vs. AR Fox/Myron Reed

UWA Elite – Dangerous Uprisings 2020

UWA Elite Championship: Robbie Roller (c) vs. Matt Vertigo

UWA Elite Tag Team Championship: The BROtein Pack (c) vs. DAWGNation

UWA Elite iChampionship: Brandon The Bull (c) vs. Corey Dillinger

UWA Elite Iron Man Championship: Eric Corvis (c) vs. Alejandro Cruise

Street Fight: Joey Adams vs. Christopher Powers

King Tek vs. Adam Bizare

Drake Chambers vs. Ty Thomas vs. Mike Del

Bowes vs. Anthony Michael vs. Hedges

Joey Silver vs. Eddie Thomas

Synergy Pro Wrestling – Warhorse’s Big Bad B*tchin’ Christmas

IWTV Independent Wrestling Title Match

Warhorse (c) vs. KTB

Synergy Title Match

Frightmare (c) vs. Tony Deppen

Pro Wrestling After Dark Title Match

Serpentico (c) vs. Brandon Kirk

Dropkick Depression Spotlight Match

Big Callux vs. Mitch Vallen

Graham Bell vs. Thomas Shire

Secret Santa Tornado Tag Team Match

Jimmy Lloyd & SHLAK vs. Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson)

Eric Corvis vs. Gary Jay

Pinkie Sanchez vs. Saieve Al Sabah vs. Jordan Oliver

Synergy Pro Wrestling – Black Friday ’19

– Matt Macintosh (c) vs Frightmare, Synergy Championship vs Mask

– Ace Austin vs Homicide vs Brandon Kirk vs Jordan Oliver vs Anthony Gangone vs Archadia, 2019 Best of the Light Heavyweights

– Matt Tremont vs Mike Del, Chain Match

– Aaron Bradley vs TJ Crawford, Last Man Standing

– Joe Gacy vs Logan Black vs MV Young

– Leyla Hirsch vs DL Hurst

– LSG vs Eric Corvis** (surprise replacement)

– Jason Sinclair vs Chris Benne (referee Logan Black)

– and more!

Synergy Pro Wrestling – 2019 Garden State Invitational Tournament

(First Round Matchups)

Homicide vs. ???

Warhorse vs. Brandon Kirk

Josh Briggs vs. Joe Gacy

Anthony Greene vs. Jimmy Rave

Semi-Finals and Finals of the 2019 GSI

PLUS Matt Macintosh (c) vs. Frightmare for the Synergy Championship

BLK Jeez vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Eric Corvis vs. Mike Del

#1 Contender’s Battle Royal more!