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ROH Wrestling Results (4/27/20): A Spotlight On Flip Gordon

ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired April 27, 2020 

Report by Colin Tessier for

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The show opens with a video package in which Flip Gordon walks his dog and talks about his background. Gordon discusses how he spent time in mental hospitals when he as a kid and how wrestling changed his life. He also talks about his time in the army. Gordon recaps the beginning of his career as a professional wrestler.

Matt Sydal vs. Flip Gordon (replayed from 2017)

Sydal and Gordon exchange technical holds. Gordon showcases his athleticism and trades stiff kicks with Sydal. Gordon takes Sydal down with another kick and hits a standing moonsault. Sydal blasts Gordon with a kick and hits a standing moonsault of his own. Gordon knocks Sydal off the top with a kick to the jaw. Sydal responds with a kick of his own and hits a Shooting Star Press for the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal

I Quit Match: Flip Gordon vs. Bully Ray (Replayed from ROH Final Battle 2018)

Gordon takes Ray down with a crossbody and rocks him with a superkick. The fight quickly spills to the outside, where Gordon kicks a chair into Ray’s face. Gordon drills Ray with a running forearm. Ray hits Gordon with a trash can and drops him with a kick to the face. Gordon counters a powerbomb and rocks Ray with another superkick. Ray moves to powerbomb Gordon’s girlfriend through a table and Gordon begs him not to. Cary Silkin hits Ray with a Kendo Stick, which distracts him. Gordon’s girlfriend hits Ray below the belt. Gordon kisses his girlfriend and hits Ray with an Amercian flag, which is actually a Kendo Stick. Gordon uses the flag/stick to put Ray in an STF. Silas Young attacks Gordon and drops him with Misery. Cheeseburger attacks Young, who plants him with Misery, too.

Colt Cabana hits Young with a chair and he hits Ray, too. Young hits Cabana below the belt and throws him out of the ring. The light go out when Ray tries to powerb0mb Gordon through a table. When the lights come on, The Sandman is in the ring. He hits Young with a Kendo Stick. Ray gets a Kendo Stick and The Sandman drinks some beer. Gordon superkicks Ray and plants him with a Star-Spangled Stunner. The Sandman gives Gordon a Kendo Stick and Gordon brutalizes with Ray with Kendo Sticks until he says, “I quit.”

Winner: Flip Gordon

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